11 Amazing Blogging Secrets You Need to Know

11 Amazing Blogging Secrets You Need to Know

Would you like to be able to blog more efficiently?

Have you ever asked yourself, “why am I even doing this?” when referring to writing blog articles?

Our blogs…they can be our best friend and our worst enemy. Let’s be frank. Blogging can be hard. Even when you make the choice to publish once a week, it can still be really frustrating.

While it would be nice to hire a professional writer to help ease the work load, that isn’t an option for many small businesses. So, what do you do?

I have been pulling together some of my greatest blogging secrets, tips and tricks all into one article. This article should help to make blogging a little easier for you. I know, because they have made my life as a blogger less stressful.

Amazing Blogging Secrets

  1. Give Your Blog a Mission Statement

    A mission statement will help define what you are doing with your blog. If you have ever wondered, “why in the world am I doing this?”, your mission statement will answer that for you.

  2. Be Proactive

    I really can fly by the seat of my pants with the best of them. As a youngster I thought it was a gift. Today, I honestly like that I have that option, but I no longer rely on it.

    Proactivity is one of those buzz words that became a buzz word for a good reason. Webster’s dictionary defines proactive as,

    Controlling a situation by making things happen or by preparing for possible future problems.”

    Anticipate what’s ahead and plan for it.

  3. What is Your 5 Year Plan?

    Not just in a week or even a month, but what do you want your blog to be in a year from now? Five years from now? Give your blog a sense of direction.

  4. Keep a Running List

    I have found that one of the hardest parts of blogging is simply coming up with what to write next. Take 30 minutes, grab your favorite cup of coffee, and start brainstorming.

  5. Editorial Calendars

    I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of editorial calendars as I become more and more committed to my own. You take your 30 minute list that you’ve already created and refine it into a calendar. Do a little research and suddenly you have a month of blog articles planned out waiting to be written.

  6. Write Often and In Short Amounts of Time

    The other day I walked out of the library where I had been working and my right arm hurt. I had been writing for 4 hours straight. A better way to do it, as I’ve learned: write often and in short amounts of time.

  7. Know Your Audience

    This is really important and really basic writing 101, know your audience. They are who you are writing for. They are whose attention you want. Put yourself in their shoes.

  8. Be The Answer to Your Audience’s Question

    Once you know who your audience is, start asking yourself what they need. Ask yourself what they haven’t asked themselves yet. Then, get your computer out and write a blog post answering those questions.

  9. Take Care of Yourself

    Blogging is writing and writing is an art. Great writing comes from passion. Guard your passion, feed your passion, and get excited. Sometimes taking care of yourself is taking a break. Sometimes it’s a big piece of chocolate cake and at other times, it’s a good hard run. Know yourself and take care of yourself.

  10. Are You a Creature of Habit?

    Have you ever taken a class and about halfway through the semester switched seats? I have. “You’re sitting in my seat?” they said.

    I asked “when did this become your seat?”

    Human beings love our habits. We love our routines. We love where we sit in class.

    Get a routine down when you are blogging. I write early in the morning every day. In my opinion, it is way too early for any person to be awake, but it works. I do it every weekday and sometimes on the weekend. I’ve been doing it for months and it’s become second nature.

    Your routine doesn’t have to be in the morning. It can be whenever is good for you and make it enjoyable. I make my early mornings enjoyable by always having Starbucks French Roast coffee waiting for me.

  11. Evaluate Responsibility

    If what you’re doing isn’t working, stop, figure out why and go in a different direction. Your time is too precious to waste.

Take Away

Blogging doesn’t have to be the thing looming over your head. If fact, it can actually be really enjoyable. These 11 blogging secrets can help to make blogging a little more enjoyable, writing a little more fun, and help you to succeed at this whole blogging thing.

What is your best blogging secret or tip? Which one of the 11 above speaks to you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Christine King is a staff writer at R & R Web Design LLC. She is passionate about writing and loves what blogging and businesses can achieve. Armed with her degree in social work, she brings the unique ability to motivate readers in every blog article she writes. She specializes in creating content and writing blog articles for a variety of businesses at R & R Web Design LLC.

4 comments on “11 Amazing Blogging Secrets You Need to Know
  1. Great post, Christine. #8 is my all-time favorite “secret” and the cornerstone of my blog. A client once said to me “I don’t know what I don’t know!” That has stuck with me, and it has helped me anticipate what information people might be looking for, which leads to the next blog post!

    • Hi Michelle,

      I love the quote, “I don’t know what I don’t know”. It really gets to the heart of what secret #8 is all about. I agree with you, anticipating what your readers are looking for is such an amazing way to generate content – good content. Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

  2. Great tips and many I know to do. Just can’t get going on the, I keep a running list, #4 and when I look at the ideas I notice how similar they are and I still feel stuck. Somehow I’ve gotten thru 6 months of a weekly blog. I look back on them and am really pleased by many. At most I am 3 weeks ahead. Taking on using the summer to refine this aspect of my marketing. Your tips will be a good reminder.

    • Hey Roslyn,

      Congratulations on making it through 6 months of weekly blogging! That really is awesome! I love your summer-time goal, “using the summer to refine this aspect”. I’m so glad these tips were a good reminder for you. Thanks for your comment.