Advantages To Accepting Credit Cards Online

Accepting credit cards for products offered for sale on a website is the most common form of payment on the Internet. Online credit card transactions offer consumer security, are convenient for both the website owner, and the customer, and are effective time-saving methods of payment. Research proves that online credit card transactions are as safe as face-to-face transactions.

The exact number of purchases that are made online is difficult to estimate due to the nature of Internet transactions. However, if you are considering an e-commerce website to sell products online, you may like to consider statistics compiled by reputable Internet researchers. One research marketing firm, Internet World Stats reports that:

  • 95.6% of the total population in the United States in 2017 were Internet users.

The estimated population of United States for 2017 is 326,766,748*. The math is simple. The potential market is clear: increased sales.

What Are The Advantages to Accepting Credit Cards on Your Website?

  • Common sense and practical experience prove that a company can increase sales significantly by accepting credit cards online.
  • The safest recommended method of payment according to the American Bar Association is by credit card for both face-to-face and online purchases.
  • With online credit card processing, you will capture many more orders from people buying on impulse.
  • Your business establishes Internet business credibility by accepting credit cards online.
  • Your business will have a competitive edge over the competition who do not offer similar online credit card payment services.
  • Your business will be able to take orders 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.
  • The online secure server ordering process does not have to be monitored, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on other areas of your business.
  • Your business will receive payments quicker – as opposed to waiting for the postal mail.

Online Shopping Concerns

Research indicates that US online shoppers are concerned about the following security issues:

  • 65% of Internet shoppers claim to be worried about having personal information sold to a third party.
  • 56% are worried about information being stolen.
  • 42% are concerned about receiving unwanted emails as a result of purchasing a product or service online.
  • 36% are worried about the dangers involved in transmitting credit card numbers via the Internet.

Provide Secure Ordering Information and Alternative Methods of Credit Card Payments

By following essential methods to ensure Consumer Confidence online, customers will be ensured that their online orders are safe and secure.

For those online shoppers who are still concerned about their security, offer alternative methods for them to pay by credit cards. This includes phone numbers so that they may phone in their order, online printable order forms that may be faxed in, and a physical mailing address to mail in the order form. Offer customers the opportunity to complete their purchase with alternative payment methods such as with a check or money order.

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