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Website and Social Media Holiday Marketing Strategies

Holiday Marketing Strategies

How do you stand out during the holidays?

What holiday marketing strategies work?

Deer and sleighDuring one of my trips to our local Costco store, I spotted the perfect addition to our home’s outdoor holiday decoration scheme. I snapped a quick photo of the 41” tall LED Baby Deer and Sleigh with my iPhone and sent it to my husband.

When he returned from his business trip, we headed on over to Costco and were excited to see that the price of the deer and sleigh had been slashed by 40%. We loaded the huge box on a flat cart and headed for the checkout.
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5 SEO Benefits: Jewels to Be Grateful For

SEO Benefits

Do SEO benefits make your list of things to be thankful for?

Search engine optimization is one of those things that would most likely not make your list of things to be thankful for. You wouldn’t exactly call anything about SEO a jewel, would you?

As a website owner, imagine what it would be like not being able to use ethical techniques to market your site in the search engines. What if there were no organic placements in Google, Bing or Yahoo? What if each position in the search results was only obtainable through a bidding war?
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9 SEO Nightmares – Real Scary Disasters to Avoid

9 SEO Nightmares – Real Scary Disasters to Avoid

SEO nightmares can keep any website owner awake at night. I thought I would share some of the scary SEO disasters – Halloween style – that I have seen or heard about over the last 17 years. Most can be avoided, but a few may actually make you cringe.
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Website Horror Stories and How to Prevent Them

Website Horror Stories and How to Prevent Them

Imagine finding out that your website has disappeared, or that you don’t have the keys to the kingdom.

As a web designer and developer, I have come across a number of website horror stories over the years. Some of the stories may make you shiver. Others may simply shock you.

Here are the tales of website horrors and how you can prevent similar situations from happening to you.
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Chrome’s Non HTTPS Not Secure Warning – What You Need to Know

Chrome’s Non HTTPS Not Secure Warning

Have you been putting off having a SSL certificate installed on your website?

At the end of January 2017, Google Chrome browser, version 56, was released. This was a significant step in the search engine giant’s quest for a more secure Internet.

Let’s take a deep breath, unwrap what has and will happen, and look at what this means to website owners going forward. Read more ›