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Website Copywriting – An Essential Investment For Internet Marketing Success

The words on the pages of your website are an essential investment for Internet marketing success. R & R Web Design LLC offers copywriting services to effectively obtain optimal visibility and placements in search engine results. Our focus is to create content for viewers with information that is rich in keywords and phrases to achieve successful rankings in the search engines.

Influential copy on your website can inspire a sale or persuade a potential client to contact you. Each word or phrase should be carefully chosen to portray your objective or your products in a comprehensive manner. The copy must be reader-friendly and search-engine-friendly. Writing search engine copy requires the ability of writing keyword and key phrase rich text that flows logically. The content of a website needs to:

  • Grasp attention
  • Capture interest
  • Inspire desire
  • Compel the viewer to action.

Copywriting Services

Our copywriting services start with asking our clients specific questions about their business or goals. We also ask them what they feel are the most important keywords and phrases that potential visitors may use to find websites of similar services or products. After a detailed analysis, the most effective keywords and phrases are positively identified. We then integrate ethical and organic techniques of search engine optimization into the website content copywriting process.

Blog Articles

Content marketing is an important piece of marketing your website and a blog is the perfect place. Two of the most common reasons that we have heard why business owners do not use a blog for content marketing are:

  • They don’t have time.
  • They are not sure what to say or they feel that they do not have the writing skills.

If this sounds like a reason you have been putting a blog way down on your “to-do” list, we can help.

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With the tremendous competition in today’s Internet market, effectively written website copy is critical to achieve success on the Internet. Carefully chosen words will bring credibility, improve search engine rankings, and entice the visitor to contact you.

Are you ready to get started? For a free consultation to discuss your website copywriting needs, contact R & R Web Design LLC today.

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