7 Easy Steps to Use Geotagging on Instagram Photos

Seven Easy Steps to Geotagging Your Instagram Photos

Instagram continues to prove to be a great marketing tool for businesses. One aspect that is providing a powerful feature to draw people to your brand and business is the use of geotagging. Let’s take a look at what geotagging is and why you might like to use it for your business.

What is Geotagging?

starbucks-photo-mapAccording to Instagram, “Geotagging is a technical term for storing the latitude and longitude of your current location with your photo. This data is collected by the GPS device in your phone or tablet and is accessible to Instagram if you grant permission.”

Why Would You Want to Use Geotagging for Your Business?

Geotagging your photos gives your followers the direct location of where you are at or the location you are promoting. When you geotag a photo, you will begin to create what Instagram calls a photo map. A photo map is a place that ‘showcases where you’ve taken your photos or explore where others have taken photos on a map.” The photo shown of the map is Starbucks’ photo map.

Instagram Geotag Glen Ellyn Pediatric DentistFollowers that go to your business can also add the geotags continuing to create exposure. For example, I had an amazing experience at my pediatric dentist. With two wild boys, we have sadly been there more often then we needed, and every single time we went, we had such a positive experience.

The last time I went, I was so amused with the way they helped engage my scared four-year-old by letting him wear zebra sun glasses and letting him hold the mirror. I posted it to by Instagram page, and was able to geotag the photo giving a positive shout out to them. Now, every one of my friends and followers will know of them and maybe even choose this pediatric dentist for their own children.

Another example of using geotagging to add exposure is by geotagging the location you are promoting. For example, let’s say you want to promote the 5K run you are organizing. Geotagging your photos that are promoting your event will literally give your followers directions to your event in each photo. This simple feature could change the course of your business.

Whether you are a salon and want to continue to show people where they can get those incredible hair styles they are constantly seeing in your feed, or maybe a performer that wants to promote their current event, knowing how to geotag your Instagram photos can make a powerful impact on your business.

How to Successfully GeoTag Instagram Photos

Let’s take a moment to get some basics down so that you can continue to get the most from Instagram with geotagging. For this tutorial, I will be using the iPhone 5, but these instructions can be copied from another other smartphone.

Step 1

The first step that you will want to do is check your settings to make sure that your Instagram map tracking is turned on. Go to the privacy link and find the Instagram button. Look on the right hand side to make sure that it is turned on.

Step 2

Add to photo mapWhen you have made sure that the tagging option is on, you will want to take is go ahead and upload your photo like you would normally. Make sure to frame your photo, and edit by adding your favorite filter. When you are done, press the “next” button on the top right of your screen. This will lead you to the screen that allows you to add a number of different pieces to your post.

Step 3

Going down from the top to the bottom you will see a space to write your caption, the option to tag people, and then you will see “Add to Photo Map.” That is where you want to make sure that is turned on by sliding the button to the right. It doesn’t matter in what order you geotag or write your caption as it will bring you right back to this page.

Step 4

When the geotag is turned on, a line will appear underneath it on the screen. The line will say, “Name This Location.” Click on that link.

Step 5

Instagram select locationAfter you have clicked on the “Name this Location” link, there will be a list of possible options to call your location. Choose the one that best fits where you location. Your photo will automatically have you geotagged with possibilities.

If those are not the ones that you want, you can create your own location too. Another great benefit here is that when you post to a specific location, your photo will be posted to the top of that location’s newsfeed.

In other words, if someone is looking up “Kensington Metro Park”, your photo will be linked and listed at the top of the feed. This is the same as a hashtag, and is one more great and simple way to achieve added exposure to a different group of people outside your following.

Step 6

Open in MapsAdd your caption, tag other people, and post. Once your photo is posted you will notice that underneath your username will be a name of the location that you just linked. It will be in a blue font and will link your photo to all the other photos that are under that location. The best part about this feature that that Instagram as an “Open in Maps” link that will take you right to your maps so that your followers will have instant directions to that location.

Step 7

Instagram add locationGeotag your older photos. Maybe you are new to geotagging and you don’t have any of your other photos tagged. With the editing feature on Instagram you can go ahead and geotag an older photo. This will then add it to the top of the newsfeed and adding extra exposure.

Safety Precaution

When I was new to Instagram, I have to admit that the geotagging option made me feel a little nervous. I didn’t like the idea of everyone knowing my exact location all the time. However, the more I learned, the more comfortable I became with using the tool. The key thing to remember is that you don’t always have to add a location. For example, when I take a photo at my house, I can choose to not use the geotag option. This was a way that helped me feel safe knowing that I am not giving my home address publicly out to everyone.

Using Instagram has proven to be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy. Not only are you featuring photos of your product, but you are leading them directly to where they can buy the item. This is just one simple added step when posting that could revolutionize your business marketing strategy.

Take Away

Are you using the geotag option in Instagram? If not, what is keeping you from using the feature? What did you find most helpful in this article? I would love to hear your feedback and any other questions you have related to Instagram.

Melissa Hyder is an author at R & R Web Design LLC. She is a graduate of Cornerstone University with a degree in English Education. Melissa is passionate about using social media to help others make a difference in their community and their world. She is also a speaker and an advocate for vulnerable communities around the world.

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  1. Another BRILLIANT article Melissa. I’m making the changes to my phone NOW. I’m sure that I will grow my business thanks to all of your wonderful Instagram tips. Keep them coming. Any chance you will be touching on SnapChat?

    • Melissa Hyder says:

      Heidi! Thank you so much. Let me know how adding Geotagging impacts your page. I’d love to hear. I will definitely look into SnapChat. Love your suggestions. ~ Melissa

  2. Rick says:

    Well done Melissa. Simple and easy to follow, even if I don’t know what I’m doing.


    • Melissa Hyder says:

      Thanks Rick! The great thing about Instagram it’s pretty user friendly. Hopefully you won’t find it too difficult. Let us know if you have questions. ~Melissa