GroupMe and Slack Reviews: Terrific Ways to Communicate

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Are you are looking for a simpler way for you and your group to communicate?

Do you ever get lost in a lengthy email thread with co-workers? Do you try to find a conversation you had, but it somehow went missing?

GroupMe and Slack are here to solve you and your team’s communication problems.

GroupMe Review
GroupMe Review

GroupMe is also a great way to chat with your group, and is also free! Although GroupMe doesn’t have some of the capabilities as Slack, I think it is really beneficial tool for you and your group or team to check out.

Free Group Messaging

With GroupMe, you can send messages to everyone in your group all for free. Whether the group be for work, school, family or friends. Personally, this is the app I utilized with all my co-workers at Oakland University. GroupMe was extremely beneficial when we needed to know important information quickly, everyone was sent a notification to their phone through the group message on GroupMe. It keeps all the group messages in one place, for all your groups.

GroupMe Goes Mobile

GroupMe is compatible with whatever device you have to make your life easier. You can download the app for all your devices so you can work on the device that is convenient to you. GroupMe is with you wherever you go to keep you connected with all your groups.

Even over SMS

If a member of your group doesn’t have a device to use GroupMe on, that’s no problem! GroupMe even works with SMS so your members who do not have a device can still stay up to date with everything in the group. Just simply add their phone number to the group in the app and they will receive all the messages sent to the group through normal text messages.

8 Revolutionary Features of GroupMe

  1. Share Photos
    Send an update to your group with what the latest post will look like instantly by sharing a photo with the group. Snap a picture on the go or upload one from your memory.

  2. Share Videos
    Record a video right in the app or share one from the past just by uploading it to the app. Send videos to the group as well to show your family an awesome video of a little munchkin that just took their first steps, for an example, there are so many options.

  3. Gallery View
    View all the photos and videos sent to the group in Gallery View so you can easily explore all the snapshots of your groups past.

  4. Like Messages
    For those messages that don’t need a response, show the group that you care by liking the message.

  5. Share Location
    With the ability to share a location of where you are or where the group is getting lunch, you can keep everyone in the know and reduce the number of group members getting lost.

  6. Custom Emoji
    GroupMe offers emoji’s that can make the conversation with your group so much more fun! Plus GroupMe adds new ones all the time.

  7. Direct Messages
    If a conversation isn’t meant to be public, take it to private with the ability to directly contact anyone in your group.

  8. Mute Notifications
    If the group gets a little too chatty, you can mute individual groups. Or say you need to enter a meeting, you can mute all your groups to keep the notifications down.

GroupMe: Keep Everyone in the Group

What are others saying about GroupMe?

“Lifechanger…. utterly indispensable…. Whether or not you think you need group texting in your life, you won’t know how you lived without it once you give it a shot.”

With GroupMe, you can keep everyone in your group in the know with all the latest information. All you have to do is have your group member’s phone numbers, and you can easily set up a group conversation. With the app or not, your group can stay in the know about all the important reminders and information. Get started by visiting or downloading the app.

Slack Review
Slack Review

Slack gives you and your team the power to put email aside and communicate all in one place . . . for free.

Converse with Teammates

Talk with your team in open groups called channels or in private on-on one conversations. Channels can organize your teams, projects and topics to make things simpler for you.

Communicate on the Go

With multiple apps for different platforms, Slack gives you and your team the ability to respond to one another anywhere. The information is updated in real time so everything is in sync.

Notifications Customization

Customize your notifications for your computer or mobile device. Choose what works best for you, whether you would like to be alerted about everything or just be alerted on a few things.

Share Ideas and Get Feedback

Drag and drop whatever you need for you team to view. Gain important feedback on those files through comments to get everything done faster. According to Slack,

“Not just your messages, but all your files, images, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets can be dropped right into Slack and shared with anyone you want. Add comments, star for later reference, and it’s all completely searchable.

If you use any services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, just paste the link and that document is immediately in sync and searchable too.”

Not Just Another App

Slack has over 80 different integrations to work with the apps you are familiar with and accustom to using. Set up the tools you already use to send notifications directly to Slack so everything you need is all in one. This helps keep the distractions out and helps you get the most work done.

Never Lose an Idea

With a powerful search you can focus to find specific messages, files, images, documents, and comments from a specific person or time. Filter your results by how recent it was to how relevant and more.

While searching through Slack, you can choose a modifier to search to make your search faster and easier:

  • from: team member
  • in: a channel, group or direct message
  • after: a date
  • on: a date
  • during: a month or year

Your Ideas are Secure

Slack is constantly providing security testing to avoid threats before they occur. Plus according to Slack, all the data transfer is encrypted on the desktop or the phone.

Slack: The App for Your Team

All the features above are available to you and your team for free! Never lose an email and keep your team in the loop with the ability to share files and get real time feedback on everything your team needs to accomplish. Get started on a better informed team or group by downloading either exciting resource, Slack or GroupMe. Find out more about Slack on its website: Or view some tips at getting started.

Over to You

Do you think you and your team or group could use a resource like GroupMe or Slack? Please comment below with your thoughts on the two and if you have ever used Slack or GroupMe.

I am not being or is R & R Web Design LLC compensated for the GroupMe and Slack product reviews. In addition, I am not, nor is R & R Web Design LLC, an affiliate in any form.

Chloe Zeabari is a summer intern and writer for R & R Web Design LLC. Currently, she is a student attending Oakland University. She is passionate about sharing ideas through writing to help others. She is able to bring her young knowledge to the table to provide others with new insight.

2 comments on “GroupMe and Slack Reviews: Terrific Ways to Communicate
  1. Sara Nickleberry says:

    I have really enjoyed using Slack. It’s such a great program for collaborating. It’s so much easier to reference conversations than an email thread πŸ™‚ I like how you can share files, etc;. Great tool. I’ll have to check out GroupMe. Hadn’t heard of it!

    • Hi Sara,

      I’m glad to hear that you have enjoyed using Slack. I haven’t had the chance to try GroupMe and will be checking it out, too. Please let us know what you think if/when you do.

      ~ Robin