How to Copy the URL of a Tweet Tutorial

How to Copy the URL of a Tweet TutorialDid you know you can copy the URL of a Tweet just like you copy a web page’s URL?

Each and every Tweet that you post has its own link or URL (Uniform Resource Locator: a protocol for specifying addresses on the Internet). You can copy, bookmark, share it in an email or paste it into WordPress in the composition box of a post or page.

How to find a Twitter Tweet’s Link Address / URL:

  1. Sign into your Twitter account
  2. Post a Tweet or
  3. Locate the Tweet that you would like to copy
  4. Click on the time stamp link to the right of the Tweet. [Figure 1]
  5. This will open up the individual tweet in a new web page.
  6. Copy that URL from the Address bar. [Figure 2] For example, the URL or link to the Tweet shown in the image below is:

Figure 1: Locate the Tweet’s Time Stamp

Twitter URL - Time Stamp

Figure 2: Copy the URL or Link in the Address Bar

Twitter URL - Copy the URL

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