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Google+ Vanity URLs Rolling Out – For Some

Google began rolling out vanity URLs for Google+ profiles and pages for some users in August. Saurabh Sharma, a product manager on the Google+ team announced in a blog post that month that the search engine giant was in the process of rolling out custom Google+ URLs. The search engine giant began by introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. Over time, the vanity URLs will be offered to many more brands and individuals.

What is a custom Google Plus URL?

Custom Google+ URLs are shorter versions of the longer string of a unique numbers used for identification on the Internet.  URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, a specially-formatted string of text used by Web browsers and other network software to define a location on the Internet.

The custom URLs are comparable to those offered by Facebook over three years ago. They will make it easier for brands and individuals to share Google+ pages and profiles with fans and friends. According to Sharma in his Google+ post on August 13th:

A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+.

The current URL string system for profiles and pages has made it difficult to share your URL with others.  Examples of the long versions of Google+ addresses are:

Examples of Google+ vanity URLs for a few brands and individuals that have received Google+ URLs:

When will Google+ URLs be available for everyone?

Google will be offering custom Google+ page URLs sometime in the future for everyone.  Sharma posted the following on his Google+ page on August 23:

Today we’re rolling out custom URLs to thousands more verified (and well-known) brands and individuals. If you’re part of this expanded roll out, you’ll be prompted to claim your preapproved URL via email and/or when you visit your profile or page.

When your business and personal Google+ custom URLs are available, you will see a notification in your account or by email notifying you that you are able to claim it.  The vanity URL will be preselected for you by Google+. Mr. Sharma stated:

We’re making these changes over the next few days, and we’ll be offering custom URLs to many more profiles and pages in the future. We appreciate your patience in the interim, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

How to claim your Google+ custom URL when it becomes available

Here are two screenshots that show how you can claim your Google+ URL when it becomes available:
How to claim Google Plus vanity URL - 1

How to claim Google Plus vanity URL - 2
Photo credits:  Google via Saurabh Sharma

The new custom Google+ URLs are not case-sensitive.  The following will all point to the same place:

Update: 6/24/2013

Ask and You May Receive

Google Plus brand pages may now apply for a vanity URL by submitting this form: Google+ page verification request

Note: According to Google’s instructions, the following applies: Verification for Google+ pages is available to a wide range of businesses and organizations. To be eligible for verification:

  • Your Google+ page must be authorized by your commercial entity, organization, brand, or product.
  • Your Google+ page’s profile must contain a link to your organization’s website.
  • Your organization’s website must connect to your Google+ page, by adding the Google+ badge or by adding a snippet of code.
  • Your Google+ page must already have a meaningful number of followers.

It is important to note that Google states:

All Google+ pages must comply with our Terms of Service and the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policies. Completing this form will not guarantee that your page will be verified.

Your Turn

What do you think? Will Google+’s vanity URLs influence the way you use the social network? Please let us know in the comments below.

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22 comments on “How to Get a Short Google Plus URL
  1. Mallie Hart says:

    Sadly, it does not appear that I have made the list as a verified account worthy of locking down my shortened URL. Sigh. Here’s hoping they roll it out to all a little faster than they rolled out business pages!

  2. Well, like Mallie I’ve not yet seen the custom link. I guess that’s normal since I’m a “newbie” on G+. It sure would be great if they’d toss me a bone anyway! Thanks for the post…

  3. Jennifer G. Hanford says:

    Hmm, I think we’re next on the list, right?! Great explanation of the vanity Google+ URL’s, Robin. I have gotten my shorted URL using the service. Works well enough for now!

  4. Livvie Matthews says:

    Excellent step x step info on shortening your Google+ Url. Will see if I can shorten mine using Thanks!

  5. Martha Giffen says:

    I’m using the for now and it’s working fine. Thanks for the new info!

  6. Call me a fool, Robin …

    But I don’t see why users/subscribers can’t be given the opportunity to create a ‘vanity URL’ right out of the gate. Is is some kind of horrible hardship for major social media channels like Facebook and G+ to offer that option?
    (Please excuse my cynicism but having to wait for a short, personalized URL seems like game-playing to me).

    Thanks for sharing the alternative.

    Interesting and timely topic! 🙂

  7. Kerry Armour says:

    Great info, thanks for the work around! I’ve been wondering about Google’s choice to make the G+ URLs so randomized. It just doesn’t seem ‘social’ to me.

  8. Bill nob says:

    I always use to shorten and spread my G+ profile URL, it’s easy to use.

  9. Tammy Bridenbeck says:

    @Robin, I created the and it does not work for me. What happened?

    • Hi Tammy. I’m sorry to hear that creating the gplus URL did not work. I will be happy to help. Would you please let me know what your Google Plus URL is?

    • Robin Strohmaier says:

      Tammy, I just went to the website and it looks like the service is down.

      As an alternative, you may like to us Google’s URL shortener at:

  10. Tim Smith says:

    I used the and failed to copy my new address before I navigated away from the page. Now there doesn’t seem to be any way to look it up or retrieve it, and the system simply tells me the url is already taken.

    Any ideas on how to retrieve the new url once it’s made?

    • Hi Tim, I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to remember your address. Perhaps you could try generating another one. I am not aware of a way to retrieve a previously generated one.