How to Remove a Like from a Link on Facebook

How to unlink a link on Facebook

Have you clicked “like” on a link under a Facebook post and then decided that you actually do not want to like it? You may have clicked the like accidentally or you may have simply changed your mind and do not want others to see what you liked.

How do you remove that “Like” from that link?

The following is a Facebook tutorial showing two options to show you how to remove a “Like” from a link on Facebook post in the new Timeline format:

Option 1

How to Unlike a Link on Facebook

The first option is to locate the Facebook post or link that you recently liked. When you have located the post or link, find and click the “Unlike” link beneath it.

Facebook Tutorial[Image 1]

Option 2

If you are unable to locate the post or link that you want to remove the Like from, follow the following directions:

  • In your personal Facebook profile, locate the Activity Log button directly underneath and to the right of your personal profile Time cover image. [Image 2]
  • The next page is your Activity List that includes all your Facebook activity since the beginning.
  • Scroll down the list to locate the post or link that you want to unlike.
  • For example, the list will include: YourName likes a link. Click that “link” to go to the post to unlike it. [Image 3]
  • Note: Only you can see this Activity Log list when you are logged into your Facebook account.

Facebook Tutorial - Option 2[Image 2]

Facebook Tutorial - Option 2, Step 2[Image 3]

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33 comments on “How to Remove a Like from a Link on Facebook
  1. Livvie Matthews says:

    This is good information to have. So many times we can hit like in error and it may not be something we really WANT to like. Knowing how to “unlike” it is good to know. Thanks for all the helpfuld how to’s you share with us R & R!

  2. Good info.. thankyou! I am so not techi. I am not even doing this fan page party right!! 🙁

  3. michele says:

    Sometimes managing a Facebook page can be like weeding a garden–you look and look and have to decide what to leave and what to pull! Thanks for this info–I will use it!

  4. Ron Koerntjes says:

    and if the like does nt appear in the activity log?

  5. Peter says:


    Unfortuntely I hit like on something that I do not want to like and it appears on my profile. When I pull down the activity log and likes, some are there but this one is not. I appreciate any help you can give.

  6. Dianne BELMONTE says:

    On march 10th. I did a real stupid accident. I posted like on a mug shot with my I pad. I took down the post immediately. But it still says like on her mug shot. So if she goes to that she will see it was me. That makes me U click on her photo. It says I “like” for FB. That is my “like”. I want that deleted. I don’t know how to do it on my I pad. I did it on the reg. computer. But that did not delete or “unlike” it either. Please help. I pad user (me) is un comfortable Thank you Dianne

    • Dianne, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with removing the like from a link on Facebook. Have you tried refreshing the page to see if the like is removed?
      ~ Robin

  7. Terese butler says:

    I did the same thing.. Accidentally liked someone mug shot on a desk top computer. It’s a timeline post and I tried to deleted it but I can’t. How do I remove the timeline post?. Please help

    • Terese, can you let me know where this mug shot was that you liked? Was it in your news feed or did you visit another page? There have been times when actions on Facebook do not work because of a roll out of a new feature. You may like to try closing your browser and clearing the Internet cache. Then, re-open your browser, log back in and try again. Please let me know how it goes.

  8. Zoran says:

    Great tutorial, thank you very much!

  9. Steve says:

    Thank you so much for this info. It has really helped me

  10. Vivian Garcia says:

    I am having problems posting on Facebook, looking at comments, and getting messages. I get pop-ups on my messages from others that they have been removed because they have been deemed to be spam. When I try to post I get the following message: The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe: Please remove this link to continue. If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know. I messaged FB per that pop-up with no response from them. Is this something you can help me with? Thank you

    • Hi Vivian, thank you for stopping by. I wish that I could help. I have not seen this message before. Has this been resolved?

      • Vivian Garcia says:

        unfortunately it has not been resolved. no one seems to know how to fix it and Facebook has no tech support. I even tried to set up a new account only to encounter the same problem.

        • Vivian, I did a quick search about for the message that you are receiving and it looks like you are not alone. There are a number of people reporting receiving this message in forums. I have not seen one solution. One discussion suggested that an IP address might be blocked for some reason by Facebook. This would make sense in your situation as your second account was receiving the same message.

          I hope that Facebook will respond and that the problem will resolved. Please let me know if it does get resolved.

  11. Ralph says:

    Thanks Robin – excellent clear instructions and helpful friendly individualized help! Best wishes!

  12. sam says:

    I accidentally like a picture of my friend in facebook, but i quickly unlike it. I would like to know will he/she notice this?

  13. Linda Irwin says:

    Trying to clear my activity log and am running into old likes from at least two years ago to links that no longer exist (Squidoo, for example). It gives me the option to unlike, but the item in the activity log does not go away. I cannot unlike from wherever these links were liked because they were not liked on Facebook but shared on Facebook somehow.

    There are over two dozen to BlogTalkRadio, Hub Pages and more. I have done the clear cache, sign out and sign back in, but these do not go away.

    Thanks for help!

    • Hi Linda,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with removing a like from a link on Facebook for Facebook likes on website posts.

      I tried to recreate what you are experiencing. I went to a page on a website and liked it. Then, I went to my activity log and located that like. There was no option to unlike the link, but I was able to “delete” the like from my Timeline from the drop down menu. Are you seeing the same option?

      ~ Robin

  14. Linda Irwin says:

    Hi, Robin . . . these items were hidden from my time line for a very long time but now just simply do not delete (though the option is there). I even tried unhiding them to see if they would show up and I could delete them from my wall, but they do not show up.

    If you right click on the link to open in new tab/window, it takes you nowhere as the links no longer exist.

    I see no sense in having them cluttering up my activity log if they do not exist! Facebook has not responded to my numerous questions on this and I am getting frustrated.

    Thanks for any ideas you might have and for trying to recreate the problem to find the solution.

    • Hi Linda,

      You are welcome. I hope that you are able to find a resolution. Perhaps Facebook will make it easier for us to clean up the activity log. If I do find a solution, I will definitely let you know.

      ~ Robin

  15. Linda Irwin says:

    Thanks! I had actually gone as far as to consider deactivating my account for a while to see if that detached all of these things in my activity log.