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Kinney News

13th Annual Kinney Shoes Reunion in NYC
2007 Kinney Shoe Reunion
The 13th Kinney Shoes Reunion in NYC has been postponed. More:
NYC Kinney reunion

The Great American Shoe Store - Kinney Commercials!
Do you remember Ken Berry and the great Kinney Shoes commercials in the 70s? How about the one with Randy Snyder in 1985?

Welcome to the Kinney Shoes - The Way We Were - Kinney Shoe Corporation website!

Kinney Shoes - the Great American Shoe Store. This website is dedicated to the associates of the once dominant retail footwear giant, Kinney Shoe Corporation.

What was it about Kinney that made it so special? Read about this extraordinary company at: The History of Kinney Shoes. Who was the man behind the vision? See: George Romanta Kinney

Our goal is to provide information to those in the Kinney Shoes' family about reunions, memories, and a place that will help us keep in touch. If you have a special Kinney Shoes story or memory that you would like to share or old photos, please Contact us.

Kinney Shoe Corporation

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Ideas and Suggestions Welcomed!

Your ideas and suggestions are very much welcomed. Please contact us with interesting links such as the history of Kinney Shoe Corporation or photos for our photo gallery. Anything that will enrich the memory of The Great American Shoe Store is welcomed!

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