Marketing Roundup Gold – Social Media, Blogging & Goals

Marketing Roundup Gold December 2015

Monthly Marketing Roundup Gold is our monthly series that puts the spotlight on blog posts that offer a treasure chest of gold nuggets, valuable tips, how-tos, and more to help your business grow.

Let’s pour a fresh cup coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and dive into this month’s marketing gold. We will be covering posts featuring social media, connect marketing, and marketing goals. If you haven’t had the chance to read these, you won’t want to miss a single one.

Marketing Roundup Gold

Social Media

Melonie DodaroTurn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Magnet [Video Tutorial]
By Melonie Dodaro

Would you like to harness the power of LinkedIn to reach potential prospects? How would you like to show up in search results when a potential prospect searches for a service or product you offer? Melonie Dodaro shares proactive steps you can take to make sure your LinkedIn profile is client focused and search engine optimized complete with a video tutorial.

Peg FitzpatrickHow to Use Pinterest for Creative Entrepreneurs
By Peg Fitzpatrick

If you are creative entrepreneur and have been putting off using Pinterest for business or you are not sure how, this post is for you. Peg Fitzpatrick walks you through how to use Pinterest for professional purposes and grow your business with social media.

Kim GarstTop 5 Twitter Tools for Entrepreneurs
By Kim Garst

Have you been searching for effective Twitter tools? Kim Garst shares her top five tools that she uses on a regular basis. From Manageflitter to help you grow your Twitter following to Tweet This, a WordPress plugin to create prepopulated tweets on your posts, Kim has shares a treasure chest of Twitter tool gold.

Jenn HermanHow the Right Social Media Strategy Can Transform Your Business
By Jenn Herman

Image if you were handed the keys to unlock the secrets to transform your business through social media marketing. Jenn Herman shares her personal story of how her hobby transformed. Learn the steps that Jenn took to reach her goals by having a clear strategy.

Sara Nickleberry3 Things You Can Do To Prep Your Social Media Marketing For 2016
By Sara Nickleberry

Have you prepped your social media marketing strategy for 2016? Sara Nickleberry provides us with 3 actionable things we can do to “to reflect on what you’ve been doing and decide what you can do to improve upon it.”

Rebekah Radice5 Facebook Marketing Techniques to Get Your Page Seen
By Rebekah Radice

How would you like to get more eyes on your Facebook page? Rebekah Radice shows us 5 techniques with visual examples to do just that from building out your bio to spicing up your page with video. Favorite quote, “Because no matter what you’ve heard, Facebook is still a powerful marketing tool.”

Brooke Sellas28 Super Easy Tips on How to Promote Your Content
By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist

In this post for Mark Schaefer’s {grow} blog, Brooke Sellas outlines an easy-to-follow plan to promote your content online. From where and how to promote your content on the day you publish to the next day, week, and month. Brooke shares this quote from Mark Schaefer’s book, The Content Code:

“Great content isn’t the finish line, it’s the starting line.” ~ Mark Schaefer

Blogging / Content Marketing

Dre Beltrami6 Ways to Repurpose List Type Posts For Maximum Brand Exposure
By Dre Beltrami

How would you like to repurpose your list type posts into shareable content for more exposure? Dre Beltrami shows us 6 ways from image tips to check lists to “repackage it into different modalities so you can keep breathing new life into it….and getting new eyeballs over to it.”

Adam Connell11+ Awesome Free Tools To Grow Your Blog 3x Faster
By Adam Connell

If you are looking for free tools to help grow your blog, this post offers over 11 to help you reach your goals. What is the best part? They are all free. From CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to help fine tune your headlines to a tool to run A/B tests on specific pages to boost conversions with Optimizely, there are tools to help skyrocket the growth of your blog.

Terry GreenHow to Stay on Top of Your Content with an Editorial Calendar!
By Terry Green

Have you ever had a hard time trying to write great content on a regular basis? Terry Green shows us how an editorial calendar can help to plot out your content and keep yourself on track. She also provides three editorial calendar tools to help.

Donna Merrill3 Top Resources For Driving Tons Of Free Traffic To Your Blog
By Donna Merrill

Who would like to drive tons of free traffic to your blog? Raising my hand here, are you? Donna Merrill gives us the keys to unlock the traffic gates. Favorite quote: “I always love the word “magic” but the truth is: the magic behind getting free traffic to your blog begins and ends with your commitment and consistency.”

Mark W. SchaeferWhat is the future of blogging?
By Mark W. Schaefer

Have you heard rumblings in the social sphere that blogging is dead? Mark writes, “Of course it’s not dead, but it is changing … a lot!” In this golden piece, Mark covers what a blog is exactly right now, if blogs as important as they used to be, and what the future of blogging is. He sums it up with his view on the current state of blogging, and writes, “This just means things are changing and the rewards will come to those who can make the transformation.” If you are a serious content marketer, you don’t want to miss this.

Dustin W. StoutHow to Write Content That Isn’t Ignored
By Dustin Stout

Dustin Stout shines the light on one of the biggest writing challenges he has discovered when speaking with other writers, bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Dustin explains what that challenge is and how to overcome it.


Mandy Edwards, ME Marketing Services16 Marketing Goals for Your Business in 2016
By Mandy Edwards

Have you made your business marketing goals for 2016 yet? Mandy Edwards writes, “Every business needs to have goals. They could be financial, strategic or marketing in nature, but you still need to have them.” If you haven’t made your marketing goals for 2016, Mandy shares 16 that will inspire you.

Over to You

I hope you have enjoyed this month’s marketing roundup of 16 golden posts. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below, and if you have found this post value-packed, would you please share it with your audience?

Fascinated with the growing potential and power of the Internet, Robin founded R & R Web Design LLC in the Chicago area in 2000. As creative director, she is passionate about helping others reach their Internet objectives through a strategic online presence with results driven custom web design, ethical SEO, and social media marketing.

4 comments on “Marketing Roundup Gold – Social Media, Blogging & Goals
  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Robin,

    Well you definitely know how to pick the content my friend.

    I see a LOT of posts here in this roundup regarding social media that I have not read. Looks like I have much more reading to do so I’ll load those up in my Pocket and get to those next week. Thank you for those by the way.

    There are a lot that I have read and I think you definitely picked the right ones for their categories. Thanks for including mine too, I always appreciate making your list.

    Hope your year has started off well and you’re able to enjoy your weekend. I have a pretty full day myself so I’m off to take care of other business.

    Thanks again Robin and of course I’ll be sharing this post as well.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      It is great to hear that you like this roundup. I have a hard time limiting these roundups to 16 posts! There is so much great content out there to share. My objective is to offer how-to posts and valuable tips to help others grow their business.

      You are very welcome! Your posts are always so value-packed and it is my pleasure sharing them.

      I hope your year has started out great and thank you for sharing this!

      ~ Robin

  2. Robin, thank you for this extremely helpful and timely roundup. I spent the weekend reading each of the posts and can tell you I picked up great tips from all of them. Going into a new year is a perfect time for business owners to reevaluate what’s working and what’s not, and then come up with improved strategies. It starts with an honest assessment of business goals, personal passion for what you do, and a keen understanding of the buyers you are trying to help. Then constant evaluation and adjustment, if necessary. It’s hard work, and each of these posts is truly a goldmine of information for those willing to invest the time. Thanks, Robin, for providing this resource! I will refer to it often and am happy to share it.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I am so happy to hear that you like this roundup. Yes, there are great tips in these posts. I agree that reevaluating what’s working and what is not at the beginning of the year is a perfect time.

      Thanks for stopping by, Michelle, and for sharing this! Have a great week ahead!

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