Monthly Marketing Roundup Gold – Social Media, Blogging & Website Usability

Marketing Roundup Gold – Social Media, Blogging & Website Usability

Monthly Marketing Roundup Gold is our monthly series spotlighting blog posts that offer a treasure chest of gold nuggets, valuable tips, how-tos, and more.

Let’s grab a fresh cup of coffee or tea if that is your preference, and let’s get started on this month’s marketing gold. We will be covering 15 posts featuring social media, blogging, and website design and usability that you won’t want to miss.

Social Media

Melonie Dodaro61 LinkedIn Tips For Business: From Beginner to Power User
By Melonie Dodaro

Whether you are new to using LinkedIn for marketing for business or you are a seasoned power user, this is one powerful post. Melonie Dodaro shares 61 of her best tips in an easy to read post that includes a SlideShare presentation. From business etiquette tips and profile tips to lead generation tips, social selling tips and more, Melonie provides LinkedIn marketing gold that every marketer can use.

Mandy Edwards, ME Marketing Services8 Fun & Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas
By Mandy Edwards

Are you looking for some fun and easy marketing ideas for the holidays? Mandy Edwards shows us 8 ways to do just that. From getting festive by “decorating” your social media accounts to simply having fun, you won’t be disappointed. Mandy also includes some eye opening holiday marketing facts.
Favorite quote, “The holidays make marketing so much fun – the contests, the deals, the relevant engagement – everyone needs to get into the spirit!”

Ana HoffmanHow to Use [the New] Google+: Tutorial
By Ana Hoffman

Does the new Google+ that rolled out on November 17th, 2015 have you confused? Ana Hoffman has you covered in this extensive and comprehensive tutorial complete with a table of contents and graphics. She writes, “The new Google+ is all about connecting around common interests (Collections and Communities) rather than people (Circles).”

Sara NickleberrySimple Holiday Marketing Tips You Can Start Now
By Sara Nickleberry

Do you have your holiday marketing plan in place? Sara Nickleberry outlines “a few things you can get started on today to get some eyes on your business and make some sales for the holiday season.” From setting up your holiday email marketing to scheduling posts in advance, these are tips that even a late marketing bloomer can start today.

Rebekah RadiceA Social Media Approach Every Small Business Should Be Using
By Rebekah Radice

Would you like to learn how to use social media more effectively to expand your online presence? Rebekah Radice presents practical tips in her “7-step social media approach that every small business should be using.” From tips on how to build a credible reputation to nurturing relationships, Rebeckah shares the keys to unlocking “the benefits and power of social media in your small business.”

Mark W. Schaefer25 Nuggets of Essential Social Media Wisdom
By Mark W. Schaefer

In this post, Mark Schaefer shares a treasure chest of 25 golden social media wisdom nuggets that he provides while coaching young people and those new to the marketing scene. If you are new to digital marketing, content creation, and social media, or if you have been in the trenches for some time, you will want to be sure to read this. As a sneak preview, here is nugget #25: “Social media success doesn’t require rocket science. The fuel is meaningful content. The launch pad is a relevant audience. The ignition switch is authentic helpfulness.”

Brooke B. SellasThe one social media rule ALL businesses should follow
By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist

Is there one social media rule that every business should follow? Brooke B. Sellas makes a compelling case in this piece for Mark Schaefer’s {grow}. Brooke provides real-life examples about three of her clients’ horror stories to bring her point home.


mike-alltonTop Tools for Efficient and Effective Content Marketing
By Mike Allton

How would you like not one, but over 55 content marketing tools to help make your digital marketing more efficient and effective? Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat has put together more than just a mega list of links. In this post, he documents all of the different tools that he uses and has organized them into categories from blogging tools to business tools. He also explains how he uses each tool and why,

Peg FitzpatrickDramatically Improve Your Blog Quality
By Peg Fitzpatrick

Imagine dramatically improving your blog quality without going crazy or broke. Peg Fitzpatrick shares her secret sauce of how she uses the power of a blogging partner to accomplish this. She also provides tips on qualities to look for in a blogging partner, and 8 steps to creating better blog quality with that blogging partner. Can you guess who Peg’s blogging partner is?

Jennifer HanfordThe A – Z List of Content Tools You’ll Want to Use
By Jennifer Hanford

Content marketing tools can help create and distribute high-quality content for your audiences. Jennifer Hanford put together a fantastic A to Z list of tools to “take your content marketing to the next level in 2016” for the B Squared Media // B² Blog.

Donna MerrillWhy You Need A Tribe To Build Your Online Business
By Donna Merrill

Have you considered building a tribe to help build your online business? Donna Merrill explains what a tribe is, the importance of a tribe, and how to attract real, live people to help make your business grow and thrive. Her final words are, “Find a good tribe to become part of, and help others achieve their goals while they help you achieve yours.”

Dennis SeymourAn Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Blogging
By Dennis Seymour

Would you like to add a blog as part of your business marketing strategy? Dennis Seymour put together an ultimate guide to blogging that will walk you through each step. From setting up your blog with a domain name, hosting a choosing a platform to marketing, this is one valuable guide.

Dustin W. StoutEvergreen Content: Get More Traffic Without More Writing
By Dustin W. Stout

Do you have an Evergreen Content Strategy? In this post, Dustin W. Stout explains what Evergreen content is and how it can drive traffic for years to come. He also includes how to promote, the importance of keeping it updated, and how to repurpose it.

Website Design & Usability

Andy Crestodina9 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately
By Andy Crestodina

You may not agree with all Andy Crestodina has to say in this post, but he will definitely make you think through each and every point. For example, number one on the list is email links and why they are bad for marketing and good for spam.

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  1. Thanks for BOTH shout outs, Robin! I love these round-ups (and am in GOOD company!).

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hey Robin,

    I ran off to share this one but forgot to leave my comment.

    Thank you so much for another great roundup and for including one of my posts again this month. I’m so honored to make this list again.

    I see a few I want to check out. Melonie’s LinkedIn post, Ana’s on the new Google+ and the 25 nuggets from Mark. I’ve already read a few of these and I might be back to read a few more. Great list again for this past month.

    Hope you’re doing well and enjoy your weekend.


  3. So glad to see you’ve continued to publish your monthly roundups, Robin. Nice job! And you’ve got so many of my “blogging buddies” on this list. 🙂


  4. Hi Robin,

    Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful Round Up. Most of the people here I do know but it is always a pleasure to be able to meet others. This is why I just love this kind of post.


  5. Hi Donna,

    Fantastic roundup. I loved the amazing collection of posts about blogging, by bloggers I really admire. Blogging is often the cornerstone of any successful content marketing strategy so we should be always looking to up our game.


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