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How important is search engine optimization?


Search engine optimization of a website is essential. Even the most elaborate website may not achieve maximum exposure for non-sponsored listings on the various search engines unless the site is integrated with ethical and organic search engine optimization techniques. R & R Web Design LLC specializes in the structural design of web pages that will capitalize those we create for search engine ranking positions.

Top 10 to 20

Ideally, your site should appear within the top ten to twenty in a search engine’s results. Research proves that viewers do not go much further than the first few pages of results. Our clients can be assured that their websites are designed for search engine optimization so that their potential clients can find them on the Internet.

A. C. E. S.

The process of organically search engine optimizing a website is a detailed science that includes the following strategies:

  • Analyze
    The most important keywords and key phrases are analyzed with our clients. What search terms do viewers actually use to find sites of similar products or services that your website is offering?
  • Consider
    Additional keywords and phrases are considered including suffixes and both the plural and singular form of a word. Are we targeting the correct key phrases that will attract the right clients?
  • Evaluate
    The Internet competition is evaluated. How competitive are the selected keywords and phrases? Would the use of one key phrase instead of another place the website ahead of the competition?
  • Study
    After the keywords and phrases are positively identified, ethical organic or natural search engine optimization techniques are utilized which include the use of words in the title tag, on the page, text links, heading, META tags (for some search engines), HTML validation, and other programming techniques.

After the optimization is complete, a comprehensive Marketing Plan should be devised. We are constantly studying and analyzing the changing market of the Internet. What works today may not work next month. We view our clients as partners to achieve optimal success. Our clients’ success is our success.

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