5 SEO Benefits: Jewels to Be Grateful For

SEO Benefits

Do SEO benefits make your list of things to be thankful for?

Search engine optimization is one of those things that would most likely not make your list of things to be thankful for. You wouldn’t exactly call anything about SEO a jewel, would you?

As a website owner, imagine what it would be like not being able to use ethical techniques to market your site in the search engines. What if there were no organic placements in Google, Bing, or Yahoo? What if each position in the search results was only obtainable through a bidding war?

We wouldn’t want to go there, would we? Without organic SEO, we would have to rely heavily on pay per click methods to bring visitors to our sites. It is easy to surmise that those with the deepest pockets would be the biggest winners.

Let’s Count Our Jewels

Anything that is valuable and prized could be considered a jewel. Yes, even SEO is a valuable jewel in our marketing treasure chest that provides us with the ability to reach our Internet goals. In spite of all the frustrations and constant changes, there are reasons to be thankful when it comes to SEO.

Let’s take a look at the SEO benefits or jewels we can be grateful for and why.

5 SEO benefits – What we can be thankful for in SEO

  1. The Chance
    The number one jewel on our lists of things to be thankful for in SEO is that we have the opportunity to use SEO techniques and strategies in the first place. We can be grateful that we have the opportunity to improve our chances of placing organically in the search engines so that our potential clients can find us.
  2. The Platforms
    Secondly, we can be thankful for the jewel of having the platforms – the search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Without these platforms, we would not have the vehicle to promote our businesses or organizations on the Internet. Imagine marketing your website without a search engine.
  3. The Champions
    The third jewel on our search engine optimization list is the category of champions. There are a number of experts that freely share their expertise and advice about all things search engine optimization.

    To name a few: from Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller to Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting, Rand Fishkin, Moz co-founder, and more, these are a few of the champions to follow and glean valuable insights from.

  4. The Free Tools
    The fourth jewel category is the free tools available to business owners to analyze and improve our website’s SEO. There are dozens of excellent SEO tools to help.

    A few of the top free tools include Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Without them, our efforts to optimize our websites would be more challenging.

  5. The War
    The war on webspam that is. As website owners, we can be thankful that Google has taken a stand against websites that use methods that are against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines from placing in the search results.

    Matt Cutts, former distinguished engineer and head of Google’s webspam team, explained the search engine giant’s overall mission. He explained that Google’s goal is to serve the best possible search results for people using the search engine.

    Over the years, Google has targeted unethical spammy SEO practices that attempt to game the system and place higher in search results. The fight against spam has come in the form of algorithm roll-outs that target unethical practices. Two of the most recent algorithm updates include:

    • Google Panda – focuses on filtering out poor quality content and keeps the affected site from ranking well.
    • Google Penguin – focuses on filtering out unnatural links.

Bringing it Home

There has been a great deal of negativity when it comes to SEO. When we focus on the things that we are thankful for at this time of year, let’s spotlight the value of SEO.

Why not count our blessings – or jewels and be grateful that we have the opportunity to promote our websites, that there are platforms to place on, champions who share their knowledge, amazing free SEO tools, and for the war on spam. All of these SEO benefits or “jewels” make our website marketing efforts more obtainable.

Your Turn
Is SEO a jewel in your website’s marketing treasure chest? What are you most thankful for? And by the way, we’re thankful for you!

Fascinated with the growing potential and power of the Internet, Robin founded R & R Web Design LLC in the Chicago area in 2000. As creative director, she is passionate about helping others reach their Internet objectives through a strategic online presence with results driven custom web design, ethical SEO, and social media marketing.

6 comments on “5 SEO Benefits: Jewels to Be Grateful For
  1. Veronica Athanasiou says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Robin! Only you could have highlighted the jewels of SEO so beautifully. I am thankful for you too!!

    As I was reading this article, the Yoast plugin came to mind. Would you find a place for it in the jewellery lot? It certainly makes my life easier as a blogger and easily highlights metadescription and keywords. I wouldn’t even know those terms without Yoast’s plugin.

    Thanks again for putting this enjoyable read together and hope you enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

    • Thank you, Veronica! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Yes, absolutely. WordPress SEO by Yoast would definitely make my treasure chest of jewels in the tools category. It has made life as a blogger easier.

      Thank you again for taking the time to read this and for taking the time to comment. You are definitely in my jewel category of friends!

  2. tina says:

    YOU are the 6th Jewel to be grateful for.

  3. Not sure if this would count as a jewel but it works for me – images and Pinterest! Quite often the alt tags and images I use help me to get found in searches and reach a new audience.