Social Media Marketing Services

Why use social media marketing for your business?

Social media marketing has become a gold mine for businesses to engage and interact with potential and current clients. It has become an essential marketing strategy that will draw traffic to your website and clients to your business.

If you are like many business owners, you may be too busy running your business to manage your social media marketing initiatives. One of the biggest concerns we hear about social media marketing is that small business owners do not have the time. Some think that social media is not work the time and don’t think there will be a return on investment. Others know that there is value, but have put It on the “back burner”.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits to using social media as a business owner include:

  • Use social media to interact with your clients/customers and receive feedback through social media
  • Strengthen your business’ reputation
  • Showcase your company’s products and/or services
  • To bring them home – more traffic to your website

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Plans

R & R Web Design LLC offers comprehensive social media marketing plans to catapult your company or organization’s social media marketing strategies including the custom design and setup of:

  • Custom Blogs
  • Business Facebook Pages
  • Business Twitter
  • Business LinkedIn
  • Email Marketing Newsletters


Many large companies have entire departments dedicated to social media marketing. Smaller companies may not have the budget or time. Let our dedicated account social media marketing specialists devise a specific plan to help you reach your social media marketing goals at affordable rates. Services include:

  • Unique blog articles on subjects in your business niche.
  • Facebook posts tailored to engage your audience.
  • Twitter tweaks to inform and engage your followers.
  • LinkedIn updates.
  • Pinterest set up and site verification.
  • Email marketing newsletters to inform and connect with your customers.

Are you ready?

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