Top Content in 2015: Social Media, SEO & More

Top content 2015

Have you ever analyzed the top content of your blog?

For the last four years, we have published our top 10 most visited blog posts. It has been fascinating analyzing the content that brought the most visitors to our website through Google Analytics.

For 2015, our 10 top content posts included:

  • 6 list posts
  • 7 tutorials and how-to posts
  • 1 tips post

The topics for the top 10 posts included:

  • 7 social media related posts
  • 1 post on blogging
  • 1 post on SEO
  • 1 post on web design

Blogging is a definitely a marathon. It can be difficult to stay motivated and determine what topics to cover that offer the most value to our readers. By analyzing content, we have a clearer idea of what readers are searching for.

R & R Web Design LLC’s 10 Top Content Posts in 2015

Without further adieu, here are our 10 top most visited posts for 2015.

  1. How to Set Up Twitter Login Notifications for Added Security

    How to Set Up Twitter Login Notifications for Added SecurityCategory: Social Media
    Content Type: List / Steps
    Publish date: August 21, 2013

    This 7 step post graphical tutorial was among three “security-related” posts that made the top 10 in 2015. Originally published in August of 2013, this post has been updated to reflect the current Twitter settings to enable two-step authentication.

    Quotable Quote:

    Enabling Twitter login notifications will add a second security layer...Click To Tweet
  2. 8 SEO Tips: Strategies to Boost Organic Rankings
    8 SEO Tips: Strategies to Boost Organic Rankings
    Category: SEO
    Content Type: List / Numbered
    Publish date: January 21, 2015

    Quotable Quote:

    SEO and content marketing are like macaroni and cheese. Together, you have a dynamic combinationClick To Tweet

    We all want to get more eyes on our websites and boost our organic rankings. The first step is to have a solid strategy to help accomplish that goal. Here is a short list of the 8 SEO tips.

    • Make sure your website is mobile friendly.
    • Maximize Your Content Marketing
    • Maximize for Local Search
    • Concentrate on Earning Quality Links
    • Maximize Your Website’s Speed
    • Make the Most of Your Page Title Optimization
    • Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate
    • Get Ready: Secure Websites (HTTPS)
  3. How to Claim Your Official Google+ Custom URL

    Google+Category: Social Media
    Content Type: How To
    Publish date: October 30, 2013

    This post was written on October 30, 2013 and continues to gather hits. The important lesson learned is that we need to keep updating older content to be sure that it is relevant.

  4. 8 Web Design Trends for 2015
    Web design trends
    Category: Web Design
    Content Type: List / Numbered
    Publish date: December 31, 2014

    Quotable Quote:

    Ultimately, our (website’s) goal should be to offer a great user experience.Click To Tweet

    This post covered 8 web design trends going into 2015. The short list:

    1. Go Responsive
    2. Increased Focus on Speed
    3. Should We Say Goodbye to Sliders?
    4. Fabulous Fonts
    5. Bigger is Better
    6. Mobile Optimization
    7. Flat Design
    8. More Video
  5. Top Social Media Trends for 2015: 21 Experts Weigh In
    Social media trends
    Category: Social Media
    Content Type: List / Collaboration
    Publish date: January 14, 2015

    This was a fascinating collaboration post. I reached out to friends who are experienced social media marketing professionals and asked them to share their thoughts on upcoming social media trends.

  6. How to Set Up Google Authorship in WordPress in 3 Simple Steps
    How to Set Up Google Authorship in WordPress
    Category: Social Media
    Content Type: How To
    Publish date: April 19, 2013

    This post was published on April 19, 2013 and is another example of the importance of updating older content to be sure that it is relevant.

  7. Do You Oxford Comma?
    Do you Oxford comma?

    Author: Christine King
    Category: Blogging
    Content Type: Tips
    Publish date: February 16, 2015

    Quotable Quote:

    Silly as it may be, poor grammar could lose us business. The power of the blog is undeniable. Click To Tweet

    Christine King hit a home run with this post on the Oxford comma. Grammar may be a pain, but Christine explains that proper grammar could be the difference in making or not making a sale in our writing. This post has received over 100 pins on Pinterest.

  8. How to remove your home address and cell phone number from Facebook

    How to remove your home address and cell phone number from Facebook

    Category: Social Media
    Content Type: Tutorial
    Publish Date: February 20, 2014

    This post covers a few simple steps to remove your home address and cell phone number from Facebook to ensure that prying eyes do not collect your personal information. It also covers Facebook login approvals as a second layer of security to be sure that no unauthorized logins take place on your account.

  9. 9 Strategies for Creating Powerful Instagram Captions
    9 Strategies for Creating Powerful Instagram Captions

    Author: Melissa Hyder
    Category: Social Media
    Content Type: List / Numbered / Tutorial
    Publish Date: February 25, 2015

    Quotable Quote:

    A powerful caption can help give your posts the added boost that sets your brand apart from others.Click To Tweet

    Melissa Hyder hit a home run with her post on strategies to create powerful Instagram captions that landed the #2 spot in our most visited blog articles for 2015. This article also captures the #1 social media referral to our website.

  10. How to Remove a Like from a Link on Facebook

    How to unlink a link on Facebook
    Category: Social Media
    Content Type: How To
    Publish date: August 9, 2012

    Amazingly, the post that was written in August of 2012 has captured the #1 spot for the last 4 years. Again, this reinforces the need to keep older content updated and relevant.

Our next top 10 (11-20)

Our previous year’s top 10:

Take Away

Our content goal for our blog continues to be to provide helpful tips, tutorials, and breaking news about web design, SEO, social media, and more. It has been fascinating analyzing the most visited content on our website. It was amazing to see that social media posts captured 7 of the top 10 positions. It is also interesting to see that 8 of the 10 were numbered lists and “how-to” posts.

Over to You

Have you analyzed the top content posts that brought your website traffic? If so, did you discover any eye-opening results?

I would love to hear your thoughts about what type of content you would like us to offer going forward. Do you prefer posts on social media, SEO, or web design?

Lastly, I would like to thank you for all your support in 2015! Happy New Year and all the best in 2016!

Fascinated with the growing potential and power of the Internet, Robin founded R & R Web Design LLC in the Chicago area in 2000. As creative director, she is passionate about helping others reach their Internet objectives through a strategic online presence with results driven custom web design, ethical SEO, and social media marketing.

24 comments on “Top Content in 2015: Social Media, SEO & More
  1. WOW! Your content is always so compelling and shareable! I need to bookmark this article and save it as a reference. Good stuff!

  2. Hi Robin,

    Happy New Year 🙂

    Love this roundup indeed, with the best of last year’s collections! Gives us a chance to go through the ones we haven’t seen. I think your posts are all awesome, so keep up the good work!

    Thanks for sharing it all with us. Wishing you a happy and successful year ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Happy New Year! I’m happy to hear that you like this roundup. It has been fascinating analyzing the top posts that brought visitors to our website. Thank you for your kind words!

      All the best in 2016!

      ~ Robin

  3. Brent Jones says:

    Happy New Year, Robin!

    I just had to click to tweet your grammar message…! Well done. #GrammarSnob

    Looks like 2015 was a killer content year for you. Here’s hoping that the best is yet to come!

  4. Deb Nelson says:

    Tons of good info here, Robin. Great balance of providing technical info that a technophobe like me can read and digest.

  5. Happy New Year Robin!

    I regularly check my Google Analytics to assess post popularity and source of traffic to tweak my social media strategy. Interesting facts emerge which was apparent when I did my 2015 blog post round up.

    For example, a post that I had written in 2013 is still the most favorite one 2 years in a row. It has given me an insight into what my visitors are looking for and a Muse for future content creation.

    • Happy New Year, Vatsala!
      I regularly check Google Analytics, too. Like you, I have been able to evaluate what type of content resonates with our readers. Thank you for sharing you journey.

  6. Great round-up list, Robin! I actually checked out the one “How to remove your home address and cell phone number from Facebook” and tried some of the suggestions, even though FB seems to have changed their layout and how to access some of the tips. As I post often on the Huffington Post, I can only trust the social media sharing numbers I see there, and can’t actually check the overall ranking and popularity of my posts. As you know, I write about a wide variety of topics and it seems the “stories” based on one of my personal experiences are always the most popular. But then, all my pieces are born of personal observation and experience, so that makes sense. Thanks for all your great content and I am looking forward to all the info you share this coming year!

    • Hi Beverley,
      It is great to hear that you like this round-up list. I did see that Facebook has once again changed things up and have updated the tutorial and graphic to remove the phone number and address. I appreciate you pointing this out. This is a great example of the need to check previously written posts to make sure they are accurate.

      Thank you for stopping by, and I’m looking forward to what you have to share, too!

  7. Adrienne says:

    Hey Robin,

    Well you shared with us all your best posts from last year and I love that. Mainly because if I happened to have missed any of them you just pointed them out and I better load those babies up and take a look before this year gets behind me.

    They all sound awesome and of course I’ve read several as well. You definitely had a great year my dear. I’m eager to see what you’ll be sharing with us this year.

    Here’s to a great one and Happy New Year!


  8. Hi Robin,
    What a fantastic list of awesome posts that you shared! You definately had a productive year 🙂 Look forward to seeing what you will do in this new year!

  9. Tamara MacDuff says:

    Happy New Year Robin! I just read Heidi’s comment … I am bookmarking this too – I have to do so much research as I start to better focus and move my content. I have NOT done a content audit – because I just started; however, I have to begin somewhere. I tell my classes of small businesses, don’t wait until it’s perfect, so I haven’t waited, I just jumped in; though I know better. Your posts are always so great and one day I aspire to be posting shareable and compelling content like you.
    Yes, I am from Rochester NY – and I was born and raised here; right now we live in a suburb called Webster – it was cool to make that connection with you & Heidi.

    • Happy New Year, Tamara!
      I love your advice to your classes of small businesses. If we wait until the perfect time, we may never take that first step. I appreciate your kind words, and all of your shares!

      It has been cool to make the Rochester, NY connection!

  10. Hi Robin,
    Great anslysis. My struggle most weeks is creating a blog that will engage and add value to my target audience. Thank you for the top in analyzing the blogs that generate the most traffic.

    • Hi Sharise,
      I do understand the struggle to create engaging content on a weekly basis. Blogging is definitely a marathon, isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by and your input on this.

  11. Hi Robin,

    I love the way you have crafted this post. Yes, I have noticed what blog posts have brought in more energy to my business last year. There was a lot of tweaking going on with my blog but I did see the difference.

    I like the way you put this all in order and how wonderful the graphics are. The best is, I can now look at some of those posts I’ve missed last year. What a helpful way to suit your readers!


    • Hi Donna,

      I’m glad to hear that you like this post and the graphics. It is fascinating to see what blog posts have brought more energy, isn’t it? Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your shares!

      ~ Robin

  12. Mi Muba says:

    Hi Robin
    Very informative roundup and surely a big help for those who missed a few posts on your blog to pick them from the list now.
    The overall trend of your posts show you have strong grip on popular trends in the market and that is why you selected the topics that are hot in demand. That shows your in-depth research before writing a post.
    Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

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