Internet Security: How To Be Sure Your Online Order Is Safe

Ensuring Your Purchase is Secure Online

Are you concerned about Internet security? Have you ever hesitated to put your credit card on a form for an online purchase? How do you know if your online purchase is safe? There are a few simple steps that you can take to be sure your online order is secure.

Look For The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that has been designed to provide secure communications on the Internet. SSL operates by layering a security protocol on top of an underlying reliable connection-oriented transport protocol.

The combined protocol establishes a connection with a remote host and then performs an electronic handshake between the two to establish a secure session. After the “security handshake” is complete, the protocol then encrypts and authenticates data sent from the local host and decrypts and verifies data received from the remote host.

You may be assured that your private information is secure by checking the web location address area of your browser. As you complete your order and are asked to provide payment and shipping information, you will notice that no matter what browser you are using, your location bar will read “https://”, indicating that you’ve just entered a secure area.

Secure padlock in Firefox

Secure padlock in Firefox

Look For The Secure SSL Padlock

Another way to be sure that your private information is completely secure is by checking for the secure SSL padlock.

Green secured padlock in Google Chrome

Green secured padlock in Google Chrome


  • In Firefox – Green padlock on the left in the address bar.
  • Google Chrome – Green padlock and “Secure” in address bar.
  • Internet Explorer – Gray padlock to the right in the address bar.
  • Opera, look for the locked padlock in the status bar.

If you are still uncomfortable placing your order online, call the company, and place your order over the telephone.

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