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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking – What you need to know

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm – What you need to know

Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm Facts In case you haven’t heard by now, the world’s most popular search engine will be rolling out a significant mobile ranking algorithm on April 21st. There has been a great deal of information circulating throughout the

Google Mobilegeddon Looms Near – Are you Ready?

Google Mobilegeddon Looms Near – Are you Ready?

Will April 21st be an Armageddon for your website’s mobile SEO traffic? The countdown is on. We’ve been warned. On April 21, the search engine giant, Google, will be turning the switch up on its mobile search algorithm. This expansion

Mobile Website Priorities

Mobile browsing statics and studies are crystal clear: mobile device browsing is here, and the use of mobile devices to access the Internet will continue to escalate in the future. Unfortunately, many current websites are not compatible with common mobile