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Giving Up Was Never an Option – Finishing Graduate School

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Even when things get tough, giving up was never an option. I come from a line of people who finished school later in life than “normal”. My grandmother went back to get her high school diploma while my dad was

From Opportunities to Success – How I Became a Ghost Writer

When opportunity comes to the door, sometimes it’s as simple as saying yes

Have you ever wondered what a ghost writer is? Have you ever wondered what ghost writing for a blog means? Or have you wondered how success at something could mean that someone simply got a lucky break? Today’s article is

Never Giving Up on a Dream – Halfway to Our Goal

Have you ever had a dream? Has there ever been something in your life that you wanted so bad that you could almost taste it? Last year, I shared with you about my husband’s and my story about our dream,

Why Blogging is Like Losing Weight and How to Get Inspired

Are you feeling a little less inspired than the day you started your blog? Have you ever tried losing weight? For many of my readers, the main issue when it comes to blogging is inspiration. It seems impossible to find

A Change of Perspective

Do you miss your children being the age of a toddler? Have you ever wondered if toddlers are wiser than we are? Hello and happy Tuesday. Can you believe it has been another week? Wow, sometimes I just want to