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SEO Scam Alert: What You Need to Know

SEO Scam Alert: What you need to know

SEO scams have been around as long as the search engines have been in existence. From sending unsolicited emails to making unwanted phone calls, unscrupulous SEO scammers continue to fish for business by preying on the unsuspecting business owners. How

Facebook Hacking & Strategies to Keep Your Account Safe

Facebook Hacking & Strategies to Keep Your Account Safe

Do you think twice before clicking a link on Facebook that a trusted friend posted? Have you ever seen a message with a link that a friend posted on Facebook that looked suspicious? It may have been a post or email

DNS Services Invoice Scam Alert

Have you received an invoice from DNS Services in Vancouver, WA? Over the last two weeks, we have received inquiries from several of our clients asking about an invoice they received from the company, DNS Services, based in Vancouver, WA.