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Copyblogger is Done With Facebook – Are You, Too?

Have you ever been frustrated with Facebook? What would it take for you to kick Facebook to the curb? Facebook has been a cause of frustration for our readers for a long time. Were all those hours spent pouring into

How to Remove a Like from a Link on Facebook

Have you clicked “like” on a link under a Facebook post and then decided that you actually do not want to like it? You may have clicked the like accidentally or you may have simply changed your mind and do

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How to remove your home address and cell phone number from Facebook

Would you like to keep your home address and phone numbers from prying eyes on Facebook personal profile? Would you like to remove this information entirely from your Facebook account? This past week, we received a phone call from a

A Follow-Up: Are You Frustrated with Facebook?

Were you wondering if you were the only person out there frustrated with Facebook? Can you guess the top reason why 59% of respondents are frustrated with Facebook? You made your voices heard. It is finally here, our follow-up article

Are You Frustrated with Facebook?

Are you frustrated with Facebook because of your posts’ reach and feel like you are running into a brick wall? If this is your first time here, my name is Christine King, and I am a writer here at R