3 Quick Tips for the Struggling Blogger

Are you struggling to keep your business or organization’s blog? Do you find it difficult to find the time to maintain your blog?

If you have found that it is challenging to maintain a steady stream of blog posts, you have plenty of company. In an earlier post, Should Your Company Give Up Its Blog?, we discussed a recent article published in USA Today that reported a 13% decrease of maintained blogs in 2011 over the same period in 2010 for 500 of the fastest growing companies. We all know that blogging is critical to a successful Internet presence. However, sometimes blogging can be overwhelming and time consuming causing your company blog to gain dust.

How to Stop the Struggling Blogger Blues

The following are three practical tips to rekindle your company’s blog:

1. KISS, Keep It Simple Stud

Your company’s blog does not have to be a book. Keeping every post to 250 words can help reduce your time commitment while still providing enough content for a successful post.

2. Have a Structure

Having a solid structure can also reduce your time commitment and help you tackle piece at a time.  Here is a great example:

  • Opening paragraph
  • Include 3 to 5 points offering further discussion.
  • Closing paragraph (summarizing)
  • A call to action to incorporate your company’s service and/or products.

3. Schedule time

Having a set time where you can write your posts for the week allows you to focus solely on the project in front of you.

Not sure if a blog is right for your company? Visit our article highlighting Should You Abandon Your Company Blog?. Still feeling overwhelmed? We’re here to help. Contact us and let us manage your blog for you.

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Christine King is a staff writer at R & R Web Design LLC. She is passionate about writing and loves what blogging and businesses can achieve. Armed with her degree in social work, she brings the unique ability to motivate readers in every blog article she writes. She specializes in creating content and writing blog articles for a variety of businesses at R & R Web Design LLC.

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