5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog

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Have you wondered whether or not a company blog is worth your time and effort? Have you been trying to increase traffic to your company’s website? How would you like to increase customer loyalty?

These are questions that a number of business owners have asked themselves when considering a company blog and how they can increase their presence on the Internet. It may appear that setting up and maintaining a company blog is an overwhelming task, however, the benefits are well worth the effort and can bring tremendous rewards.

Does Your Company Need a Blog?

The following are 5 reasons why a company blog is essential, and how your company’s Internet presence will be enhanced and can flourish by maintaining a blog.

  1. Promotes Traffic: Search Engines Love Fresh Content
    Frequent blog posts give a company a distinct advantage with minimal effort. Search engines, notably Google, give a higher priority to websites that are updated with fresh content on a regular basis. A website will have a better chance of being ranked higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) if it is updated frequently with fresh and unique content that is useful for the Internet in general.

    Websites that are not changed or updated are static and may give the wrong message. Keeping a website fresh with current information is an absolute necessity to portray a professional image to a company’s Internet audience. A professional blog offers the vehicle to quickly post information that is unique to a company’s niche including industry news, new products, and useful tips. The search engines will reward your company’s site with targeted traffic.

  2. Promotes Open Communication with Current Clients
    A blog affords the opportunity to discover and gain insight about your clients and their preferences as they interact by commenting on your blog posts. These insights will assist you in learning more about your customers and how to better serve them. It is imperative to take the time to interact with your clients to achieve valuable feedback. You will also be able to express your company’s goals and vision.
  3. Promotes Connecting With Potential Clients
    A blog brings open communication with potential clients in an arena that is not available in traditional marketing strategies. Your potential clients spend a great deal of time online and will investigate your company’s website when considering a business relationship. A blog provides the means to grab their attention, build relationships and the opportunity to ultimately obtaining a new client.
  4. Promotes Credibility and Authority
    A professional blog builds credibility and authority while enhancing – not replacing – current marketing efforts. Blog articles provide great opportunities for your Internet visitors to read about your expertise. Trust is built by offering solutions and sharing your knowledge in your forte.

    From common problems to breaking news in your industry, you will be able to build online credibility as an authority in your niche. The concept of the “Know-Like-Trust Factor” is a great one to develop and a blog provides the medium to accomplish this by building credibility and authority

  5. Promotes Social Media Development
    Social media is exploding and having a business presence on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more has become crucial to developing social interaction with people. Think of your website as the hub or nucleus with all the other social media sites as outposts that orbit around and point to it. Then, use your blog as the “general” or springboard to direct traffic from those social media sites to your website.

    When you have established relationships on social media sites, it is important to guide them to your website so that they can learn about your company. Incorporating blog post excerpts on Facebook and Twitter promotes permission marketing by gently inviting connections to visit. After your social contacts arrive at your blog, they will continue to learn more about your business and your services and/or products and ultimately contact you.

Bringing it Home

A company blog is an important piece of an overall marketing plan. Social media marketing is also an important marketing pillar, but it is critical to bring your audience back home – to your website. Your website, which is includes your blog, is the real estate that you own.

Are you ready?
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Fascinated with the growing potential and power of the Internet, Robin founded R & R Web Design LLC in the Chicago area in 2000. As creative director, she is passionate about helping others reach their Internet objectives through a strategic online presence with results driven custom web design, ethical SEO, and social media marketing.

4 comments on “5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog
  1. Tina says:

    Robin, you never cease to amaze me!! You are so talented and so professional. I have learned the value of blogging from you (and from Mark, the man who designed our sites). What I’m discovering is the value of “you”, that is blogging as if I were speaking to ONE person, preferably about one person or situation, and preferably something emotional. I’m working on it, and I very much appreciate your reinforcement and comments.

    • Tina, you have made my day! Thank you! I am thrilled to hear that we have been able to help with your blogging endeavors. I very much appreciate you and your comments. Thank you again!

  2. Borges Yorgenys says:

    Very good article. It’s easy to forget how important is communication.

    All the best.