Best Day of the Week to Send an Email Newsletters

Best Day of the Week to Send an Email Newsletters

Is there a best day of the week to send out email newsletters? What about the time of day the email is sent? Does the week of the month the email newsletter is sent have any effect on ROI?

The answers to these questions may shed an interesting light on when you should send out their email marketing campaigns.

Popular Days for Email Newsletters

Washington state-based, Smith-Harmon, is an email marketing strategy and creative services agency that published the report, Retail Email Year-End Trends for 2008. Author Chad White states that Monday and Tuesday were the most popular days of the week to send retail emails in 2008 based on data collected and analyzed.

However, the most popular days may not be best days for your company to send email marketing. If every company sent emails on the same day, mail boxes would fill up and messages might get deleted or overlooked.

Week of the Month for Email Newsletters

Dela Quist, CEO of Alchemy Worx, The Email Marketing Agency posted an noteworthy observation on the DMA Email Council Blog. He stated that it is the week of the month that has the most impact on revenue generated by email campaigns. Quist explains the testing of the day of the week and the time of day email campaigns were sent offered the least valuable insights.

Quist analyzed historical email campaign data to determine the best day of the week or time of day for their clients to send their campaigns out. The analysis concluded that “which week” of the month a message was sent had a far more influence on revenue than other contributing factors.

In Quist’s clients’ case, the best week of the month was the fifth week. The motivating factor for the fifth week, Quist surmises, is that in the UK most salaried workers are paid between the last five days of the month making them more likely to buy.

The Timing of Email Newsltters

Research into consumer behavior by Forrester indicated an intriguing conclusion about the timing of email marketing. Data was collected from the responses of 1,815 US adults. It revealed that email opens index indicated “that consumers’ personal motivations exert more influence than the time of day a message is sent.“

The research provided a list of motivators that influenced the responders to open the emails received from companies. The time and/or day that a consumer received the email message was selected by just 9% of those surveyed.

What motivates consumers to open email messages? Forrester’s conclusion is that it is the consumers’ interests that motivate the number of email opens. The four highest percentages and motivating factors included:

  • 59% – Your interests
  • 51% – Your needs at the time
  • 48% – The sender
  • 46% – I like the company

The Forrester research points out that it is essential that marketers become aware of their consumers’ interests and fine tune their messages to address these interests. By keeping an eye on industry patterns and adjusting strategic plans, an informed marketer can increase email open rates.

Stop, Look, Listen, Test & Tailor

Evaluating the studies of industry experts is helpful when determining the steps to take to implement a successful marketing campaign. However, what will work for one company campaign, may not work for another.

The goal is to reach the consumer, inspire them to open your message, and ultimately purchase or contact you for services.

Marketers need to be aware of trends and the actual motivators that inspire their consumers to open email messages to run effective marketing campaigns and to increase open rates. By evaluating your customers’ interests and needs, developing consumer trust and assessing email testing, campaigns can be polished to propel conversion rates and increase revenue.

Your Turn

Have you found the best day of the week to send email newsletters? How about the best week? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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