Top U.S. Search Engines – December 2012

Spotlight on Top U.S. Search Engines

In the race for the top search engines in the U.S. for the year end 2012, if you guessed Google as the winner, you would be absolutely correct. The search engine giant received top honors and continued to dominate the top positions of the U.S. search market share according to three different sources.

You may be asking yourself why someone would analyze search engine visitor share at this stage in the search engine game. It may be common knowledge that Google is the Goliath in the search engine arena, however, many business owners want to be sure that they are spending their online marketing dollars on the leader. When it comes to the business that we specialize in, it is important that we have our facts and figures straight.

The logical choice is to invest time and energy on the search engine that is gathering the most visitors. One way to determine this is by studying statistics gathered by leading Internet data collection experts including Experian Hitwise US, comScore and Statcounter. Included below are three different pictures of the leading search engines for the end of 2012. Although all having varying dates, each provides a logical year end report.

The leading search engines in the U.S. for week ending January 5, 2013 according to Experian Hitwise US are shown in the pie chart below by percentages of search share.

Top Search Engines by Total Visits in the U.S.
Week Ending January 5, 2013

Top US Search Engines 2012

Top 5 U.S. Search Engines December 2012 – comScore

According to comScore Releases December 2012 U.S. Search Engine Rankings , the market share of the major engines varied. The Explicit Core Search Share Report indicated:

  • Google Sites – 66.7%
  • Microsoft Sites – 16.3%
  • Yahoo! Sites – 12.2%
  • Ask Network – 3.0%
  • AOL, Inc. – 1.8%

Top 5 U.S. Search Engines Week Ending December 30, 2012 – Statcounter

Statcounter provided another view of U.S. search engine market share statistics for the last week of December 2012 from 12/24/2012 to 12/30/2012:

  • Google – 80.34 %
  • Bing – 8.9%
  • Yahoo! – 8.74%
  • AOL – 0.92%
  • Ask Jeeves – 0.68%
  • Other – 0.51%

Take Away

The three different companies, Experian Hitwise US, comScore and Statcounter have painted unique pictures of the leading U.S. search engines market share. In each report, it is clear that Google has won the gold for the year end, with Bing or Microsoft Sites capturing the silver and Yahoo! / Yahoo! Sites, capturing the bronze. Both small and large business owners can use this search engine research to decide where they will invest Internet marketing dollars.

Where you surprised by the results? Do you use more than one search engine when you search online?

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