Google “Search Plus Your World” – Search Engine Ranking Implications

Google PlusGoogle introduced “Search, Plus Your World” on Tuesday which incorporates social media and new personalized search features into search results conducted on the world’s largest search engine. There has been a great deal of speculation on how “Search Plus Your World” will impact the way people search. Does “Google Plus Your World” have search engine ranking consequences?

The answer may be daunting. As a website owner, you have no control over the choices Google+ users make. Some users will embrace “Google Plus Your World” with open arms, and others will not.

For those Google users that do choose to have personal results included in search results, the first page of Google search results will be filled primarily with information from their own Google+ social circles. Former well ranking articles or pages that previously placed in top positions on Google search results may actually be pushed down significantly.

Performing in a Social Search Environment

For years, R & R Web Design LLC has emphasized how essential it is for website owners to include quality and unique website content. The consequences of not doing so can be significant for search engine results placements. Last year’s Google Panda rollout was a jolting wake up call for many. Google Plus Your World is changing the playing field once again. To optimally perform in this new social search environment, it is more crucial than ever that website content is compelling, and sharable.

To capitalize and benefit in the social search arena, follow these guidelines:

  • Be Distinct: Provide unique content that you have crafted.
  • Engage: Include well written and engaging content that is free of grammar and spelling errors.
  • Inspire: Select thought provoking topics or tackle the topic from an unusual viewpoint.
  • Be Congenial: Use a friendly and knowledgeable voice in your content.
  • Authoritative: Choose content that you are an authority on and present it in an easy to read style.
  • Be unique: Inform your web visitors about something that they do not already know.
  • Encourage interaction. Motivate readers to comment to leave a comment by asking questions at the end of your article or post.
  • Encourage sharing: Include social media icons such as Google+ and Facebook buttons with your content to make if convenient for your readers to “Like” and share.

Your thoughts?

What are your thoughts about “Search Plus Your World”? Do you think that it will negatively effect search results or have a positive effect? If you don’t currently have a Google+ account, will you set one up now? If you are a business owner, have you set up your business Google+ page yet?

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2 comments on “Google “Search Plus Your World” – Search Engine Ranking Implications
  1. Andre Morris says:

    I think that Search Plus Your World is a complete game-changer as it comes to search. It’s going to completely change the way people think about search, and it’s going to change the game completely for social networking as a whole.