10 Practical Tips for a Successful Facebook Business Page

Facebook Marketing StrategyAs a small business owner, you may feel overwhelmed with finding the time to keep up with your Facebook business page. You know that a Facebook business presence is an important piece of your company or organization’s social media marketing strategy, however, you may find it difficult to know what to post or how often to post updates.

Here are ten practical Facebook tips to help you devise a comprehensive plan for your Facebook wall posts so that you can successfully connect with your those who “like” your page.

A Comprehensive Plan for Your Facebook Business Page Posts

  1. Schedule Time
    As with any business venture, scheduling the time to accomplish a goal is essential. Your business Facebook presence does not have to take an enormous amount of time of your business day or your free time. Make a commitment to schedule one hour a day – or several days a week to work on your business page.
  2. Be authentic and personable
    Your Facebook page reveals the personality of your business or organization. People tend to interact more readily if they are able to relate with authentic and conversation inspiring messages.
  3. Make it appealing
    Post appealing information that is useful and informative. Posting commercial-like posts tend to be redundant and may not inspire engagement. Plan to share an assortment of content that includes interesting and helpful information in your niche. Ask yourself the question, “What would my readers want to be informed about?”
  4. Make a commitment to be active and update often
    Plan to post fresh insights, news or announcements at least two to three times a week. The schedule will help keep your Facebook audience informed about what you’re doing. Do you have new product photos or upcoming events? Post pictures of the new products, your plans to the upcoming events or what is happening in your office.
  5. Keep it concise
    Tailoring your messages to present simple, concise and attention grabbing posts will capture attention and inspire engagement.
  6. Include links for more information
    If your post is an extension of a specific page from your website or blog, add external links to support your message and offer additional information.
  7. Engage your audience
    Make a commitment to not simply post messages, but to engage your fans. Ask questions, and if someone posts a question on your wall, reply back immediately. Encourage people to ask questions and post feedback on your services and/or products.
  8. Listen and address
    There may be times when your customers post negative comments. Address this immediately and offer to rectify the situation. Customer comments may provide insightful information on how to improve an aspect of your business and improve customer relations. Make it a standard practice to respond to messages within 24 hours.
  9. Check your page frequently
    Plan to monitor your page and check it on a regular basis. There are spammers out there that will post inappropriate messages your business Facebook wall. Delete the spam as soon as possible.
  10. Express Gratitude
    If someone “likes” your Facebook page, post a personal thank you message to show your appreciation. The golden words, thank you, are not simply good manners. According to positive psychologists, one positive aspect of expressing gratitude can actually strengthen social relationships.

A Facebook business page does not have to be an overwhelming task for a small business owner or organization. With a comprehensive plan and the commitment to implement that plan, your social media marketing goals can be achieved.

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