SlideShare Review: Free Visual Marketing You Will Love

SlideShare: Free Visual Marketing You Will Love

Are you looking for a visual marketing tool to creatively market your business?

“SlideShare began with a simple goal: To share knowledge online. Since then, SlideShare has grown to become the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content.” ~ SlideShare.

SlideShare has accomplished its goal, and then some. The slide hosting service is sharing knowledge online with an average of 60 million visitors a month and 215 million page views, SlideShare just recently came into my radar.

In my opinion, SlideShare is like the social media for presentations. I believe this is true because of the ability to like, save, and share decks on the site. SlideShare’s homepage is set up like a few other social media sites. The one I thought SlideShare resembled the most was Pinterest, especially with the eye-catching images above a brief summary or overview. Take a look below.

SlideShare Home Page

SlideShare Home Page

Pinterest Home Page

Pinterest Home Page

Founded in 2006, SlideShare’s founders include Rashmi Sinha the CEO who runs SlideShare’s partnerships and product strategy, Jonathan Boutelle who is the CTO who determined the initial idea behind SlideShare, and finally Amit Ranjan the COO who heads the development team and specializes in content, product management and community. SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012.

SlideShare for You, Your Business, and More

SlideShare gives its users the ability to customize their experience by selecting their preferences after creating an account. SlideShare includes a wide range of topics for you to explore from Art & Photo to Business, Law, Leadership, Marketing, Presentations & Public Speaking, Small Business, and Social Media, but these are just some of my personal favorites that are insightful and informative. SlideShare gives you the ability to search and browse for what interests you.

With more than 15 million uploads from individuals and organizations, SlideShare offers you to find and search for what interests you, and learn from people like Guy Kawasaki, the White House, Mashable and more. You can also download SlideShares to read or reference later.”

SlideShare offers users an ability to upload presentations to the site. Once a profile is created, you can upload your own presentation for your business. Just by selecting the Upload button in the upper right hand corner, you can upload your presentations by using PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument.

You can also create presentations on SlideShare with Haiku Deck. Using a supported browser including Chrome, FireFox, or Safari, you the user, can utilize Haiku Deck to create presentations within SlideShare.

Users can view the deck on the site, SlideShare, embedded on other sites, or even on mobile devices. SlideShare also supports documents, PDF’s, videos and webinars.

Sliding in the Mobile Direction

SlideShare has a mobile app that is easy to use for all users. Users of the app can sign in with their Facebook account, LinkedIn account, or make an account using their email with SlideShare. Then the user can customize their experience with the app by selecting different topics of interest.

I found that creating my account with SlideShare was a cake walk! I also love how I am able to customize what I view on the app based on what topics interest me. I used an iPhone to customize my experience and loved having all the wealth of information from SlideShare on my fingertips.

Having a homepage customized to my interests is also a benefit of SlideShare’s mobile app. I also can explore different interests including the topics I am following and all the categories possible. My favorite feature of SlideShare’s mobile app is the ability to save decks to look at later, see the decks I have liked and view the decks I have uploaded all in my hand.

Your Deck Serves as the Bait

Once a SlideShare catches the user’s attention then they will look at the deck and help grow your business. Let’s use the below deck from SlideShare I came across for example: “10 Coolest Companies Based in New York City” by O.C. Tanner. I found this deck in the Business section of SlideShare and although I’m nowhere New York City, I thought it would be interesting to see the “coolest companies.”

After going through each slide, I was curious to see who made the deck. After clicking the link in the “by” line, I was able to find more information about O.C. Tanner, the company who created this deck in SlideShare. This example shows how I was baited by the title of the SlideShare, and how the company, O.C. Tanner reeled me in just like a fish to learn more about their company. I learned about the “coolest” places to work in New York City just by clicking through the deck on SlideShare.

Using SlideShare for Business

You can do this too with your business! You as a company or business could put up a deck on SlideShare to reel in your own bait, by creating presentations that catch the bait’s attention. With the right keywords and tags, SlideShare in this way could be used in a form of advertising for your company that is completely free! Also, due to SlideShare being on the Internet, it can also help your company go global with the ability to reach a wider audience across the globe.

How to Create Your Account for the First Time

I would highly encourage you to create a SlideShare account for your own benefit or for the benefit of your business. After creating one myself, I know that it’s very simple to get started just follow these steps!

  • Step 1: Navigate to SlideShare’s website.
  • Step 2: Click “Signup” in the upper right hand corner to create your new SlideShare account and join millions of others.
  • Step 3: Pick which option works best for you. You can connect with your LinkedIn account, connect with your Facebook account, or signup using your email address.
  • Step 4: Start uploading or creating your presentation.

Bringing it Home

Create an account on SlideShare for you personally or your business. SlideShare is a great resource for people and businesses to utilize.

What will you use SlideShare for? If you already an active user, how do you like it? Please comment below with any thoughts or opinions.

If your still not convinced that SlideShare will benefit you or your business, please check the deck out below.

I am not being or is R & R Web Design LLC compensated in any way by SlideShare. In addition, I am not, nor is R & R Web Design LLC, an affiliate in any form.

Chloe Zeabari is a summer intern and writer for R & R Web Design LLC. Currently, she is a student attending Oakland University. She is passionate about sharing ideas through writing to help others. She is able to bring her young knowledge to the table to provide others with new insight.

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    • So glad to hear that you like Chloe’s article, Heidi. We are very excited about her being part of our team for the summer. She’s even convinced me that I need to invest more in SlideShare!