Prezi: Creating Powerful Presentations that Zoom to Life

Prezi: Creating Powerful Presentations that Zoom to Life
Have you ever been presenting, and looked out on your audience to find the vast majority of the individuals you are presenting to are having a hard time focusing on what you are saying? Or, have you ever been watching a presentation and found yourself nodding-off, not because the presenter lost your attention because it was so boring? Prezi is here to change that.

According to Prezi, “at our core, we’re a very different kind of presentation software, but what we really do goes way beyond that. We’re a presentation resource, on a mission to reinvent how people share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire their audiences to act.”

Breakthrough Re-Invented Presentations

Prezi is a better and more effective way to get your idea across. The founder of PowerPoint, Rob Campbell, agrees. He stated, “Prezi has a marvelous approach to the visualization of information – the freshest I’ve seen since the 1980s.”

Prezi is a way to present material in an engaging way, using the power of zoom. Prezi was released in 2009 by Peter Arvai, Péter Halácsy, and Adam Somlai-Fischer. Since then Prezi has accumulated over 50 million users who have created over 160 million prezis, according to Prezi.

Monumental Benefits of Prezi

Amaze your audience with the ability to rotate and zoom however you like. With Prezi, you control the speed and you control what your audience sees next. You start out with one main image and zoom into different areas of that image for the presentation. Prezi allows the ability for you the presenter to rotate the view and have text in all directions. Spinning the screen to your liking, allows text to be hidden in small places, maybe even upside down.

“Inspiration doesn’t happen in sequence, and insight isn’t always what is on the first or last slide. Understanding comes from viewing a problem in unexpected ways, and Prezi is a great prism for that refraction of knowledge,” says Jacco van der Kooij the VP of Sales at Harmonic Inc.

Prezi gives you the ability to see your whole idea all at once, it fits on one page. As mentioned before, Prezi allows you to zoom into different areas of the image while still staying on the same page. Your entire presentation is able to be viewed from the big picture perspective and then zoomed in on the important supporting details. Using zoom, you can highlight important parts of your presentation to make sure your audience doesn’t miss them.

Helping Your Creativity Soar

Prezi allows your own creativity to soar. You determine the presentations next steps from start to finish and everything in between. Prezi lets you, the presenter, be spontaneous and exercise your mind to the maximum, all while you keep your audience on their toes, completely engaged in the presentation. Create great impressions for a memorable presentation with Prezi. Instead of the boring slides that we are all used to, Prezi gives the presenter the chance to show something new, creative, and unlike any other presentation.

Peter Arvai the CEO and Cofounder of Prezi states “Prezi helps you organize your thoughts and deliver them in a clearer way that really makes an impact on your audience and helps them reach that ‘ah-hah’ moment faster.”

Non-Linear Presentations

Prezi creates non-linear presentations. The different views on Prezi can be accessed in any order, the presenter can navigate through the presentation based on their own discretion while increasing the interaction with the audience. Our ideas are complex and so are our brains. We are wired with interconnecting links from idea to idea and Prezi supports this non-linear thinking style through its presentations.

Randy Howder, a Design Strategist at Gensler says “Prezi allows us to communicate design ideas with our clients in a highly engaging and dynamic way, liberating interesting conversations from the boredom of one-way presentations.”

Prezi makes it easy for multiple coworkers to collaborate together in Prezi for teams. Prezi makes collaboration easy with one version of the presentation that can be accessed anywhere, from the cubicle across the hall or the country across the globe.

“Prezi offers flexibility in small brainstorming meetings; it is a perfect tool to get people to see out-of-the-box,” states Sarah Blandizzi, a Training & Development and Communications Specialist.

Prezi Goes Mobile

Prezi can also easily go mobile. With different apps based on your specific device, the Prezi world is at your fingertips. Create, practice, and present presentations, access them anywhere, online and off with the beneficial touchscreen making things easy. The Prezi app allows its user to log into their account to access Prezi’s they have created and also Prezi’s they have viewed.

Prezi Compared to PowerPoint and SlideShare

PowerPoint is a linear presentation where the first slide, Slide 1 is followed by Slide 2 then Slide 3 and so on and so forth. PowerPoint is not interactive and is in the same order without room for audience interaction.

SlideShare is a sharable form of PowerPoint which is also a linear presentation. According to the company, it is the “world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content.”

Both SlideShare and Prezi presentations can be shared on social media and embeded on websites. The biggest difference is that Prezi gives you the ability to go outside the box and share more powerful non-linear ideas.

Presentations that Zoom to the Future

Prezi is a great resources that businesses need to take advantage of. Prezi offers the presenter the ability to wow their audience with the zooming capabilities and creates the ability to be spontaneous. Prezi lets your whole presentation fit on one page with a non-linear presentation keeping the audience engaged while creating great impressions for a memorable presentation. All of these amazing abilities are accessed through the easy setup of your new Prezi account.

How to Set Up Prezi in 4 Simple Steps

To set up your new Prezi account, all you have to do is follow 4 simple steps to be on your way to creating memorable presentations for your business right here or across the globe.

  1. Step One: Go to and click on Get Started in the upper right corner.

    Prezi Step 1

  2. Step Two:Determine your desired plan and learn more about existing plans. Or just start your FREE public account by clicking on Continue Free, which is what I will be showing you the steps for.

    Prezi Step 2

  3. Step Three:Complete the form and fill out the desired information. Then Click Create your free Public account.

    Prezi Step 3

  4. Step Four:View sample Prezis and get started by making your own.

    Prezi Step 4

Example of a Prezi presentation

For an example of a presentation created with Prezi that will give you an idea of its powerful features, please see:

Your Turn

If you are interested in joining the Prezi world, create an account by following the simple steps above.

What do you think? What are some ways you personally could use Prezi? Please use the comment section below to answer and post any questions you might have.

I am not being or is R & R Web Design LLC compensated in any way by Prezi. In addition, I am not, nor is R & R Web Design LLC, an affiliate in any form.

Chloe Zeabari is a summer intern and writer for R & R Web Design LLC. Currently, she is a student attending Oakland University. She is passionate about sharing ideas through writing to help others. She is able to bring her young knowledge to the table to provide others with new insight.

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    Love the topic, Chloe. This makes me want to use this for my next meeting.

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      I’m so glad you enjoy Prezi! I am also having a hard time going back to PowerPoint after seeing how wonderful Prezi can be.

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