Trello Review: Breathtaking Organization for Every Project

Trello Review: Breathtaking Organization

Do you feel like you need to organize things in your life, but don’t know where to start?

Trello makes organization easy. You can organize your tasks, lists, and checklists into many different features Trello has to offer including Boards, Lists, and Cards. Trello has everything you need to get the job done, all for free.

According to TechCrunch, Trello is “visual organizing software has amassed some 4.6 million registered users — now with one million monthly actives — turning their projects, whether household to-do lists or corporate realignment plans, into visual boards using its cloud-based software.”

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A Birds Eye View of Your Project

Trello gives you the ability to see an overview of your project. See every aspect of your project all in a great overview screen. This allows you to easily see the big picture, and get a zoomed out view, just like a bird’s eye view.

Organize Your Projects with Boards

You can create a board for anything you want to do. Wedding planning, personal organization, client management, research projects, vacation planning, recipes, tour planning, and whatever you can think of to make your life easier at home and even at work.

Create Sub-Tasks Using Lists

In your project, you can divide the project up by creating Lists. List examples are a To-Do, Doing, and Done column. You can create different parts of your project in each column to make your project even more organized.

Break Up Your Lists with Cards

Trello further breaks up the Lists into cards, which can be organized to your liking, just by dragging them around the screen. Each card breaks everything down to all the little projects that your team is working on.

The Back Side of the Card

By clicking on a card, you can see a more in-depth version of what the front of the card states, this is the “back” of the card. This allows you to further organize and break up your work. The Cards have many features on the back side for you to utilize.

  • Add Members
    Assign individuals working on your project to different little projects. This will help with delegation, and keeping the people you are working with on task by seeing a real time update of what they have accomplished.

  • Use color-coded labels for organization
    Make your project appealing to the eye with the ability to add colored labels. This will also help with organization so you can color-code different tasks.

  • Make a List and Check it Twice
    Add checklists so you and your team don’t forget the minor details of the project. Checklists will help you and your team get the job done. You can also access the Calendar Power-Up from Trello, which shows you a nice calendar view or you can use iCal feed in your own calendar app.

  • Set a Due Date
    Set due dates so you and your team can be productive to the maximum by getting things done in a timely manner.

  • Add Attachments
    You can add attachments to further explain your idea to your team, or even give yourself a visual reminder. Attachments can be from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or even just attach a link.

  • Create a Discussion
    Use the discussion feature of Trello to talk with others working on your project. Ask your team members for their opinion on a card’s information. You can mention a member of your group to make sure they get notified, so everyone stays in the loop.

Instantly Synchronized when Changes Occur

Get live updates when something changes through Trello’s notification system. Trello will notify you wherever you are whether you are in the app, through email, desktop notifications, or mobile push notifications. The best part is the notifications stay updated in sync across every single device you own.

Use Organizations

If you have many boards and people on Trello, you can organize everything into organizations. Organizations can be your company, family, or friends. With the ability to make organizations, you can organize all your boards and people on Trello.

Access Your Boards Wherever You Are

Trello has apps for every device including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, and watches, Kindle Fire Tablets, and Windows 8. You can download all the apps for you to get organized across your devices.

Find Your Cards Easily by Searching

In Trello, you can find an idea you once had easily by searching. Trello has sophisticated operators that help you narrow your search. You will never spend countless time searching for an idea and will never lose a card.

Create Cards and Comment with Your Email

Each board created has an email address that you can use to create cards. Trello easily updates the attachments that you send along with your email and gives you a notification via email which allows you to reply in your email without opening Trello.


Trello has created Power-Ups for users to enable if they would like to utilize them. If you’re looking for more features for you to use you can turn on these features.

  • Calendar
    Enabling this feature allows you to see your cards with your due dates on a calendar. You can display your cards in a weekly or monthly view with a time-based overview of the cards.

  • Voting
    The voting feature of the Power-Ups allows you and your team the ability to vote on your card. Votes are stored and are updated in real time. This will allow you to determine the most popular cards.

  • Card Aging
    This feature allows your cards to visibly “age” as time passes without the card having any activity. In Regular mode, the card will become progressively more transparent. If you don’t want to see a card age, simply add some activity on the card, and the cards age counter will reset and they will look brand new again.

Trello Gold

Trello Gold unlocks more space. If a 10 megabyte card attachment isn’t big enough, with Trello Gold, you can upload files up to 250 megabytes. Also, Trello Gold gives you access to nine premium backgrounds and the ability to upload them yourself. In addtion, you will gain access to extra premium sticker packs plus the ability to upload your own stickers. If stickers aren’t enough, you can even upload your own emoji’s with Trello Gold to express yourself.

Trello Business Class

If you want Trello Gold for everyone in your business, Trello Business Class may be useful to look into. Trello Business Class gives your business-grade administrative controls and security for your business. As the Business Class admin, you will be able to see all the boards in your organization, private and public.

Business Class helps you manage your members easily by being able to connect to Google Apps, the ability to restrict invites to email domains, the privilege of being able to deactivate members without losing their history, and share your boards with contractors. Finally with all those features, your members will also have access to Trello Gold for all members.

Wrap it Up

Trello is a great resource for you and your business to utilize to help organize your life at work and at home. Try this free software out at and check out all the amazing features Trello has to offer.

Your Turn

Does your business currently use Trello? Do you? If not, do you think you may give Trello a try? Please comment below with you thoughts on Trello.

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