Surprising News on How Often to Post on Instagram

Instagram surprising news

With Instagram growing like crazy, it is becoming the choice social media platform for many brands. If you are one of those brands, it can feel a little confusing on how to make sure you are using it in the best way for your business.

Posting on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can feel like a balancing act between not posting too much and posting too little. Is that the same for Instagram?

How often you should post on Instagram might surprise you.

Post on Instagram Often and Steady

Making sure you use Instagram differently from your other social media sites will help make a difference for your business. Unlike other social media platforms, when posting on Instagram, the more you post the better engagement you will get.

According to Union Metrics, posting often not only doesn’t derail your followers, it even keeps followers and boosts engagement. Union Metrics analyzed 55 brands that were posting about 1.5 times a day. Their findings might surprise you. According to Union Metrics,

“Our initial assumption about those high-frequency posters was that the more often a brand posts, the lower their engagement rates would be on the subsequent posts. But that does not seem to be true. So far, we haven’t seen any relationship between the amount of content a brand posts each day and the engagement rates those posts receive, and definitely not a negative one. We’ve monitored accounts that post once an hour, all day long, and they see above-average engagement rates on almost all their content, no matter when it occurs in the one-post-an-hour sequence. Later posts do not decline in engagement.”

Treating Instagram differently than your other social media ventures will help you become more successful on the site. It might feel stressful to have to learn another social site. Making sure it’s the best fit for you will be worth your time.

You can check out our post on, “Can Instagram Super Charge your Business?” However, if you do find that Instagram is the direction you want to go, having lots of content ready and having lots of posts will help your business find the engaging and success you are looking for.

Post High Quality Photos and Content

Instagram users are doing a great job of posting high quality content. Instagram is challenging the inner artist and photographer in all of us. The days of blurry and poor quality photos are over.

Jessica Howell, social media Consultant and founder of Social Studio, says when it comes to Instagram content, “If you have it – flaunt it.” Many large brands are posting multiple times a day and are getting great engagement.

If you have the content to post, go for it. Instagram users are showing that they don’t mind and welcome the posts. However, the problem will be once you start posting, to keep that pace. Spacing your posts out to help match the amount of content you have will be helpful. It’s important to not feel rushed into posting, but to go ahead and save the posts.

Social Media Guru, Mari Smith, says that one of the best investments into your business is professional photography. It might feel like an extra expense, but having a long list of high quality photos of your products will be a great asset for your business and success on social media. It is one of the expenses you will not regret spending.


Finding out what works best for your followers will be a balancing act between checking your analytics and experimenting.

Style Me FebruaryLet’s look at entrepreneur, Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society. One aspect of Hilary’s job is being a personal stylist. On her Instagram page, she organized a “Style Me February” and added the hashtag, “#stylemefeb.” She put together a list of style prompts each day of the month of February, and encouraged her followers to have fun and follow along.

In the end, there were over 8,000 posts under that specific hashtag. This was a fun way to express her own style, gain exposure and followers, and engagement along the way.

This is a great example of using the hashtag feature on Instagram and also experiment to see what might work for your company. Experimenting to see what works for your brand will help you be successful. Becoming a successful company will always have levels of risk involved.

Check your Instagram Analytics

While experimenting is an important part of finding out with works with Instagram, you want to make sure you are making an educated guess. Using your analytics from third party apps will help to give you some content evidence to see what is working for your page.

Take Iconosquare for example, a free site that gives a wide range of information relating to your Instagram account. Using this app, you will be able to get analytics related to the time you are posting.

As you can see in the graph below from Iconosquare, it shows the time and day that my own page is getting the best engagement.

Instagram posting habits

The dark rounds indicates when you usually post media (repartition by hour horizontally, and by days vertically). The light grey rounds shows when your community has been interacting. The biggest light grey rounds are the best times for you to post. According to this graph, I have by far the best success by posting on Sunday evening around 10:00 pm.

Take Away

Handling Instagram differently from your other social media sites will help add success to your business. It isn’t a one size fits all approach. While it can be a little overwhelming to try to learn a new social media site, taking risks and experimenting will help you find what is right for your business. Learning your Instagram analytics will also help you make the educated guess to make your Instagram page successful.

Over to You

Was this news from Union Metrics about the posting amount surprising to you? What did you find most helpful? Have you used Iconosquare? I would love to hear your feedback.

For more information about managing your Instagram page you can check out our article, “Top Secrets to Managing your Instagram Accounts.”

Melissa Hyder is an author at R & R Web Design LLC. She is a graduate of Cornerstone University with a degree in English Education. Melissa is passionate about using social media to help others make a difference in their community and their world. She is also a speaker and an advocate for vulnerable communities around the world.

4 comments on “Surprising News on How Often to Post on Instagram
  1. Johanna Ali says:

    This is a very good post. I was treating my Instagram marketing plan the same as my other ones. I will definitely be posting more often now. Thanks!

  2. Megan Powers says:

    Great article! One thing I think is important to note is to space out the frequent posts a bit. Those accounts that post an inordinate amount of times in-a-row will quickly get unfollowed. People want to cruise through their feed, and having loads of posts from the same account in “one viewing” feels spammy in a way. Thx!

    • Melissa Hyder says:


      Thank you for commenting. I totally agree with you. Thank you for pointing that out. Making sure to spread out the posts is so important. You don’t want people to feel like you are spamming them. ~ Melissa