How to Crop Your Facebook Profile Thumbnail Picture

Facebook Marketing StrategyHave you wondered how to crop your Facebook profile picture thumbnail? Facebook’s recent updates have made it less difficult to manage and crop profile pictures for the thumbnails that appear on your wall and posts. The process is seamless once you have the directions to help you utilize the benefits that Facebook offers.  The following is a comprehensive visual tutorial to help you capture attention and market on Facebook.

Using the three profile photo examples from Make the most of your Facebook profile picture, we will visually illustrate how profile photos will look when Facebook automatically crops them. Each of the profile images are 180 pixels in width. The heights are various sizes with the tallest being the Facebook maximum of 540 pixels. During the cropping process, Facebook will auto crop an image directly in the middle no matter the height and create the thumbnail image of approximately 50 pixels by 50 pixels. Below is an example of one of the profile photos in our previous examples with Facebook’s cropping area shown in yellow. Note that the margins are 15 pixels on each side of the yellow transparent box.

Example 1

Below are examples of Facebook’s auto cropping of our profile photos from our previous examples. The results are not compelling and are not what one would desire for a thumbnail photo.

Example 2
Example 2

How to custom crop your Facebook thumbnail photo

Step One
Open your Facebook page and place your mouse over your profile photo. A link will appear in the upper right hand corner entitled “Change Picture”.

Change Picture Example

Step Two
On the next page, you will see your current profile picture. On the bottom of the photo, locate the “Edit Thumbnail” link.

Locate Edit Thumbnail

Step Three
A box will pop up that provides you with the ability to edit the thumbnail by dragging the photo with your mouse inside a small box to change and crop the profile photo.

Change Picture Example

Custom Facebook Profile Picture Thumbnail Cropping

The results of the custom cropping for the Facebook thumbnail photos from Example 2 above are as follows:

Final custom cropped thumbnail images

Custom Facebook Design

Facebook has given users the ability to customize their profile images and thumbnail images that appear on their posts. This tutorial has been prepared with the intent to assist users in creating custom Facebook thumbnail images. With creativity and with the right tools, the Facebook profile and thumbnail image can be a fabulous marketing tool to capture attention and promote your brand or cause. The profile and thumbnail image enables you to maximize that valuable available real estate on your Facebook page for your company or organization.

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