How to remove a Like from a link on Facebook

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How to Remove a Like from a Link on Facebook – Updated

Spotlight on FacebookHave you ever clicked “like” on a link on Facebook and then realized that you do not want to like it? Perhaps it is a link to a cause or statement that you actually support, but you do not want to broadcast your support on your wall.  How do you remove that “Like” from the  link in your Facebook account? The following is a four step tutorial to show you how to remove a “Like” from a link on Facebook:

Step 1.
Locate and click the link: “Edit My Profile” in the upper left hand corner of the page under your name.

Remove a link from Facebook step 1

Step 2.
On the Profile page: Click “Likes and Interests” in the left column.

Remove a link from Facebook step 2

Step 3.
On the Likes and Interests page, locate the box “Activities” at the top of the center column. To the right on the Activities box, click the link: “See More”.

Remove a link from Facebook step 3

Step 4.
A. Highlight the link that you want to remove.

B. The title will be displayed to the right with the “Remove” link.

Remove a link from Facebook step 4

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14 comments on “How to remove a Like from a link on Facebook
  1. C Magnus says:

    This info was very helpful and just what I was looking for.

  2. M says:

    Hallelujah! Thanks for the great step-by-step explanation. I visited about 10 other sites and this was the only one that worked (and used a different process than the others). Thank you!

  3. Dinesh says:


  4. Bruce says:

    Does not seem to work this way on the iPad, either in the Facebook app or going into Facebook through the web. Can it be done on the iPad?

  5. Mary says:

    This page looks very useful. Would you update this page to be applicable to the new (updated on March 31, 2012) Facebook format?


  6. Chris says:

    I agree with Bruce, does not work this way with an iPad 1. Could you provide revised instructions?

  7. Patricia says:

    Thanks – I was afraid I had really messed up and nothing could be done.

  8. hayley says:


    I can’t seem to remove a post from my facebook page.. When I try, it says “try again later”..

    This often happens, because, sometimes a person posts something, and then want the option of deleting that post, but when I try to delete, it refuses! This very frustrating..

    Please tell me why this happens, and tell me why it takes SO long to eventually delete a post?



    • Hi Hayley,
      Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine why it is taking you so long to delete a post on Facebook. It can be a number of reasons from your connection speed or device you are using (PC, iPad, etc.) to a temporary hiccup in the Facebook interface.

      I have noticed that when I click the “Edit or Remove” button next to a post, that I have to click it twice at times to show the drop down menu so that I can click delete or hide from Timeline. This process is also slow on an iPad.

      I hope this has helped, Hayley. Please let us know if you have further questions.

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