Google Apps for Work Review: Targeted Suite of Productivity Options

Google Apps for Work Review

Do you need to maximize your work time with your coworkers?

Would you like to know more about what Google has to offer?

Google Apps for Work

After reading about all the options in Google Apps for Work, I realized that this is what my college, Oakland University, utilizes, and what I have been using during my years as a student. Which explains why I am very efficiently able to work with coworkers and classmates to get our desired work done, on time for work and school.

In this review, I will be covering the features of Google Apps for Work divided into sub-categories. Please check out the Communication, Store, Collaborate, and Manage sections for more information about Google Apps for Work.

Communicate: Gmail

With Gmail, you can get a custom email that is professional for your business that helps build trust with your customers. Within your email you can create group mailing lists as your company needs them.

Even without Internet connection, you can access Gmail so you can read and draft messages to send when you are back online, to be productive offline.

Gmail works however you work across whichever interface you are comfortable with, which means you can use Gmail with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird. According to Jacob Jaber of Philz Coffee,

“In 20 minutes we set up Google Apps, gave everyone their usernames and passwords, and our 30 managers across all store locations were instantly connected.”

Google Hangouts

Hangouts allow you to meet face to face with your coworkers and customers through HD video, voice or even text. Using Google Hangouts, you can save money and time lost during traveling, but still get that priceless face to face contact.

Hold HD meeting for your entire team. Hangouts allows 15 users and automatically focuses on the person who is currently speaking and puts them on the big screen. Also with advanced technology, Hangouts is able to filter out background noise. Plus, Hangouts are accessible anywhere on any device.

With a built-in screen sharing feature, sharing ideas to the other side of the conversation is easy. Not only that but with the ability to chat back and forth, makes it seem like everyone is in the same room.

Hangouts is linked with Google Calendar so when you meeting comes, it’s easy to join with just one click. Jim Nielsen of Shaw Industries had this to say about hangouts:

“Hangouts has allowed us to be more focused and helped us reduce meeting times by up to 50%.”

Google Calendar

With a calendar that is sharable with co-workers, you can maximize your time doing the important tasks instead of planning to do the important tasks.

Scheduling meetings is made simpler with the ability to layer your coworker’s calendars with your own to determine the best fit time for everyone. You can share your calendar so individuals can see the whole calendar or if you are just free.

Calendar is with you wherever you go, with the ability to be accessed from your laptop, desktop, phone and more. Use the built in Calendar feature on your phone or download the app. Mike Salguero from Custom Made stated,

“By giving employees the tools they’re already familiar with, they’re able to adapt quickly and jump right into their jobs without worrying about how to set up a meeting with Calendar or share a Doc with their teammates.”


Google+ is as Google likes to put it “a social network designed for business.” You can connect with your coworkers and customers easily. Google+ allows you to share your thoughts with the entire community or just within your organization. You are able to gain insight to what your customers and coworkers are thinking about.

Filter your connections to fit your needs, and organize them how you see fit, so you can always find things that are relevant to you and your ideas.

Google+ is easily linked into your everyday work tools and works perfectly with your email, calendar and docs to maximize your productivity. According to Martin Russell from Just Eat,

“Google+ quickly gained popularity within our company for internal conversations—it’s essentially taken the place of our internal social network.”

Store: Google Drive

Google Drive lets you store all your work in one place, that secure. You can access your work whenever you need to from wherever across all your devices.

You can get as much storage as you need with 30GB of storage per user shared across Drive and Gmail. But if you run out, you can purchase Google’s unlimited storage plan for $10 per user per month.

Sync your files from your computer automatically with an way to upload files from a designated folder on your computer. Bruce Palmer from National Outdoor Leadership School said,

“Now we don’t lose work when someone accidentally drops a laptop and drives over it. Employees can pick up right where they left off, on any computer.”

Collaborate: Google Docs

Docs allows you and coworkers to create and edit documents in Google. You can collaborate and work all at the same time with changes saving automatically. Communicate with the built in chat and add comments to ask questions all in the same document.

Upload your document from your computer to make it instantly editable like Microsoft Word and PDF files.

Make a change and decide you don’t like it? No problem, Docs offers unlimited revision history which allows you as the user to track changes that are made to your documents and undo anything you’re not a fan of.

With Docs, you can work anywhere across any device. Mike Heim from Whirlpool had this to say about Google Apps:

“Google Apps is helping us break down our geographical barriers and work together quickly, from anywhere.”

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an online version of spreadsheets, which allows you the user to calculate data, with a big smile on their face by using powerful functions and formulas in spreadsheets.

Import and made spreadsheets instantly while editing online through Google Sheets. Along with importing, you can access your Sheets files wherever you go, even if your offline. David Bullock of YETI Coolers stated,

“We’ve been able to track and manage sales leads with Google spreadsheets, increasing conversion by 30%.”

Google Forms

Create forms and surveys for everyone at no additional cost, you can gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in.

Creating a form is easy! Drag your content around the board with the ability to record your vice or have it red to you

With sheets you can create professional looking earnest checkers. You can analyze your responses with the ability to see the updates in real time. Justin Hiltz from Johnny Cupcakes

“Using Google Forms to collect content from our customers saved me hours of work. I simply set up a questionnaire, sent it to our customers, and saw the responses show up in real-time in a single spreadsheet.”

Google Slides

Slides let you create “slides” just like you would see in Microsoft PowerPoint and work on them at the same time and because everything is going mobile, you can even work on them on a mobile device, or any device.

Since you are collaborating on your Slides, you can actually talk to people through the chat feature to discuss what should go next on the slide.

The slides are super easy to design. You can either start brand new with a blank white screen, or choose a template to speed up the process. Sammy Aramaki from All Nippon Airways states,

“As a global business, we have people working all over the world. Now they’ll be able to communicate and collaborate in real time, using Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides from their PCs, smartphones or tablets.”

Google Sites

Google even lets you create simple websites for our teams, without writing the code. To create a Site, it’s as simple as writing a doc through an intuitive editor.

With Sites, all your content is in one place, and easy to access for all your users. Plus, if you can’t find the content, but know it’s there, you can utilize Google search to find the information. Keith Evans from Standard Parking stated,

“We created an intranet using Google Sites that became the company’s primary means of communication to employees.”

Manage: Admin

As an Admin, you would be given the power to manage Google Apps for your organization by adding users, managing devices, and setting up the security settings so everything stays safe.

If you have any questions regarding your Admin account, you can rely on Google’s 24/7 support and reliability.


With only an additional $5 per user per month, you can add archiving and eDiscovery to Google Apps.

This is useful to control how long your email messages are available. With a Google-powered search, you can find things in the vault quickly.

Summing it Up

All of the amazing features mentioned above are available on Google Apps for just $5 per user per month with limited storage. However, for unlimited storage, it’s only $10 per user per month. If you honestly think about how much Google Apps could do for your business, I think it’s worth a shot to investigate further. Check out Google Apps online and see if it’s the right fit.

Your Turn

Does your business currently use Google Apps for Work? If so, do you have a favorite feature? If not, would you and your business be interested in trying it out?

Chloe Zeabari is a summer intern and writer for R & R Web Design LLC. Currently, she is a student attending Oakland University. She is passionate about sharing ideas through writing to help others. She is able to bring her young knowledge to the table to provide others with new insight.

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