QR Codes: 10 Great Ways to use QR Codes to market your business or nonprofit organization

Marketing NewsQR codes are a growing marketing phenomenon in the U.S. From direct marketing materials to billboards in Chicago, the black and white coded squares have become an innovative mobile marketing tool to promote your business or organization.

R & R Web Design QR code CouponWhile QR Codes are catching on, a number of advertisers that utilize them are including an explanation of how they work, and the steps that the person must take to view the information encoded in the 2D barcode. Each business or organization will need to determine if QR Codes are a good fit for their business or audience. However, as they grow in popularity, this is one tool that the astute will want to grasp. Mobile marketing has arrived.

In The Digital Nirvana Blog article, Six Direct Marketing Trends Likely To Go Mainstream in 2011, Nancy Scott wrote about the QR Code Explosion in late 2010:

These little roadmaps to wherever are going to dot.dot the landscape next year, as marketers find ever more clever ways to use them. Put them on event promotions, business cards, marketing collateral, even p-URLs.

You may be thinking, “Our customers won’t use this”. Take a moment and consider the stats. There are more cell phones worldwide than personal computers. Although your customers may not be using QR codes now, they might within the next few months. The boat is launching. Jump on board or let you competitors steer the ship.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use QR Codes to market your business or nonprofit organization:

  1. QR Codes on business cards.
    By including a QR Code with your website address on the back of your business card, you can easily enable potential clients to click with their Smartphone and bring up your website increasing traffic to your site.
  2. QR Code coupons.
    QR Code coupon codes are fast becoming a trendy way to offer coupons to potential clients. From including a QR Code coupon in a magazine or direct mail piece to placing the coupon code on the side of a building, companies are taking advantage of the ease of point and click. Case in point: To bring local advertising to the next level through the use of QR in a new business venture, ScanForDeals.com posted a giant QR code on the side of a building near the corner of Polk and Clark street in the South Loop of Chicago. Curious by passers can simply and quickly point their Smartphone, click and receive the deal at their fingertips.
  3. QR Codes to promote social media.
    Do you want to promote your Facebook business page and get more likes and followers? Include a QR Code to the URL of your Facebook page on your website, business card or printed advertisement.
  4. Samaritan Purse QR code on envelopeQR Codes on direct mail.
    Include a QR code on your direct mail envelope, brochure, flyer, postcard or poster to the video of your product or cause URL. Case in point: Samaritan’s Purse has done a phenomenal job with their Haiti Update by including the QR Code, instructions on how to download a free QR Code scanner on their website.
  5. QR Codes on Real Estate flyers and for sale signs.
    Realtors are taking advantage of QR Codes by including them on house flyers and for sale signs. The QR Codes can include the URL of the virtual tour of the house for interested buyers to scan and easily view the house on their Smartphone. Another QR Code can lead the prospect to the spec sheet of the house.
  6. QR Codes for directions:
    Include a QR Code to your Google Places page for directions to your office or business location. Customers or patients can quickly use the Quick Response scanner and pull up Google maps.
  7. QR Codes for Ecommerce product web pages:
    Include a QR Code to your online store to inspire sales on a brochure or other printed material.
  8. QR Codes to increase donations:
    Include a QR Code of the web address to your organization’s donation page in your monthly newsletter.
  9. QR Codes for product information:
    Include a QR Code with the URL to a specific web page for detailed product information for a product you are promoting.
  10. QR Codes to get your phone ringing.
    Include a QR Codes that includes your phone number. When scanned, the phone number can be dialed in a snap.

If you are looking for new ways for your business or organization to engage your target audiences, QR Codes provide a unique way to bridge online and offline media, while differentiating yourself in the process.

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