Why I Joined Google Plus – From a Writer’s Perspective

Why I Joined Google Plus - From a Writer’s Perspective

I know, you are probably thinking, “another Google Plus article” and you’re not wrong, but this comes with a new perspective.

This article is from the view of a writer. I’m not a marketer, I’m not a social media guru, and honestly I’m still learning how Google Plus works. However, as a writer, there are so many benefits to joining, I could no longer put if off.

As many of you may already know, Robin Strohmaier from R & R Web Design LLC has been putting out amazing content, not only on the importance of Google Plus, but also some fabulous how to articles. You may be wondering, if Robin sees the importance – what took me so long. She’s been wondering the same thing.

My main job is to write and to provide new, stellar content for R & R Web Design LLC’s ghost writing services as well as writing once a week for R & R Web Design LLC as a staff writer. My work time is usually focused on researching and writing. If I’m honest, I like it that way.

Being the encouraging woman that she is, Robin convinced me that my time would not be wasted by joining Google Plus. After a couple of weeks of being on there, I have to agree. She’s right.

First, let’s touch on the main reason why every author should be on Google Plus.

Google Authorship

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to my ghost writing services. That writing is published on behalf of the client and my name is nowhere near it.

However, since Google Authorship was set up for me, whenever I write an article that is published in my name, like I do once a week at R & R Web Design, my thumbnail picture now shows up next an article that I have written. This means that Google is now giving credit to me as the author. This is great, because it is establishing my authority as a writer, and it prevents other from plagiarizing my work – at least in Google’s eyes.

Robin really puts in well in her article for the Social Solutions Collective, Google Authorship and SEO Benefits You Need To Know,

Trust + confidence = higher click through rate. Your author photo next to your article inspires trust and confidence. It also personalizes the result. The searcher will be more likely click it to read it.”

It is always one of my main goals to build trust in my readers.

What I Personally Like About Google Plus

Now, I’m going to share about what I personally like about Google Plus. I like the fact that my Google Plus digital number is like a driver’s license number identifying my content, but there is more.

  1. Visually Appealing– So I downloaded the Google Plus app to my iPhone and I love how visual it is.
  2. Connecting – Google Plus makes it so easy for me to catch up on what my fellow writers are writing. It is so easy to open the app and connect to everyone in my circles on my iPhone.
  3. Business Friendly – I feel that Google Plus is showing itself to be one of the more business friendly social media sites.

Have you joined Google Plus?

Would you like to set up your Google Authorship, but don’t know how? Don’t worry, Robin and her expertise is available to everyone. Check out her easy to follow article that outlines how to do it on WordPress, How to Set Up Google Authorship in WordPress in 3 Simple Steps.

If you have joined Google Plus and set up Google Authorship, from a writer’s perspective, what is your favorite part? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Christine King is a staff writer at R & R Web Design LLC. She is passionate about writing and loves what blogging and businesses can achieve. Armed with her degree in social work, she brings the unique ability to motivate readers in every blog article she writes. She specializes in creating content and writing blog articles for a variety of businesses at R & R Web Design LLC.

48 comments on “Why I Joined Google Plus – From a Writer’s Perspective
  1. Rick says:

    Nice article, Christine.

  2. Veronica Athanasiou says:

    Amen to all of the above Christine plus follow these 4 phenomenal -indeed- SEO tips for personal g+ personal profiles http://r-rwebdesign.com/blog/?p=2508
    Robin has certainly had a very big impact on my online presence and she is always encouraging all her followers to take that or those extra step(s) to improve on things that might seem too technical for us. She really knows how to break it down and I’m glad you’ve written about the importance of this guidance to ‘us mortals’.
    You – on the other hand – have played an important role in me improving my blogging skills.
    I owe both of you. Thanks for sharing your views on g+ and authorship. All the best,

  3. Erin says:

    Yes! Google plus is so important and I am on there as well! It is especially important for writers/bloggers anyone in social media. 🙂

  4. I’m learning how to appreciate Google+ as well. I thank you for helping me through the set up of Google Authorship. Now that it’s done, I can relax and go to the next step in the learning process. I appreciate all your articles. They are so helpful! Hats off to you both!

    • Alexandra,
      Good, I’m glad it’s all taken care of. I ran into the same problem when I tried to set up my google authorship. Robin is a life savor. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  5. Angie M Jordan says:

    Yep! Love Google Plus. And one of my favorite features is Authorship. Great points for anyone to join, not just writers!

  6. Oluwaseun Babajide says:

    What a great read! I have claimed my Google Authorship. Still working on this.

  7. Great article Christine, and yes I have joined Google+

  8. Great post, Christine – I agree – Google+ and Google Author have been a huge boost for my site and work, as well.

  9. Gita Faust says:

    Interesting – am I missing out one more trick up your sleeve Google Authorship. On my list to do. Thanks for the article.


  10. Marie Leslie says:

    I am becoming more a fan of Google+ every day. Beyond the benefits of Google Authorship, I have made some great connections, both for business and socially. And there is some great photography being shared here, which is always good for inspiring my creativity.

  11. I am on google plus but I still need to try to get into it. All of the other forms of social media dominate my time.:) Thanks for the article:)

    • Daniele,
      I’m in that same spot. My google+ is set up and so is my google authorship and now I just need to use it more. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  12. Shari says:

    This provides not just helpful information but a slant that’s been missing in other Google+ posts. Thank you, Christine. This is just the nudge I needed.

  13. I’m not on Google+ but the more I read about it, the more convinced I am that I should do it. Thank you for such helpful information Robin.

    • Carolyn,
      I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the results of google+. 😉 I will pass on your thanks to Robin as well. Thank you for sharing.

  14. MamaRed says:

    Thank you so much for sharing how you’re using Google+…I haven’t done the authorship thang, yet, and am sure it will rise back to the top of the to do list as I get caught up. Interesting how many ways there are to reach out and share, eh?

    • MamaRed,
      You are so right, there are so many ways to connect these days. Thats another reason why I was hesitant about joining yet another social media site. However, I think that advantages of google+ can’t be ignored- especially google authorship. Let us know, either Robin or I, if you have any troubles setting up google authorship and we’ll help you troubleshoot. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  15. Yvonne says:

    I just set up my Authorship a few weeks back…little pain in the bud, I hope they make it a little easier and work out the kinks. But it’s soooo worth it!!

    • Yvonne,
      It is a little painful to set it up! Robin does such a great job though with her How To Set Up Google Authorship in 3 Simple Steps. It a great read because google authorship is a pain in the bud! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  16. Well I have been wondering about Google+ for a while now – you have convinced me that I need to get on it! Thanks….

  17. Pat Moon says:

    I am on Google+ but am new and still learning just how to use it. Thank you for this encouraging article about the advantages of being connected to Google+.

    • Pat,
      I’m still learning too. You may see some future articles coming up that breaks it down into simple steps because I love simple steps. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  18. Anita says:

    I have become more active on Google+ and really like it!

  19. Excellent article Christine! I have claimed my Google Authorship but I need to play more with all of the other Google+ advantages. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm here.

    • Moria,
      Thank you so much. I’m in the same boat and needing to take advantage of all that Google+ has to offer. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  20. Elizabeth Maness says:

    these are wonderful tips about google plus! I haven’t downloaded the ap but I am now! Thanks for the heads up..;)

  21. Sharon O'Day says:

    Reading Robin’s original article on Authorship and SEO Benefits really opened my eyes about Google+. Thanks, Christine, for adding to the value of why it should be part of every writer’s toolbox!

    • Sharon,
      Thank you so much for sharing! You put it so well, Google+ and Google Authorship being a valued part of every writer’s toolbox. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  22. Thanks Christine. I appreciate your perspective on why it’s important to be on Google+. It’s so easy to get caught up in the marketing and social media aspects of it, I think sometimes we forget that there are other ways to use it as well.

  23. Angela says:

    I think Google plus has some great benefits! I really appreciate this article. I know so many people not taking advantage of Google Plus yet and I am going to point hem to this article as to why they should.