Absolute Favorite Types of Blog Content to Read and Write

Do you enjoy reading a certain type of content on other blogs? What types of content do you like writing for your blog?

What is it about that blog content that you enjoy so much?

Today is our 7th video blog. While video blogging is an exciting adventure with its ups and its down, I thought it would be the perfect platform to start a discussion about our favorite types of content.

When You Are Feeling Frustrated

When you are in a hurry and blogging is something that you do on top of everything else you do, it can be hard to find topics, research ideas and sometimes you might even feel the frustration of writer’s block. Plus with summer coming, motivation for writing blog articles may slowly disappear as the weather only gets better.

One great way to shake things up is to look at other ways of writing about the same topic. There are so many different types of content and ways of writing or presenting material.

In an article published in March, I wrote about 10 Types of Content to Help Brainstorm Article Ideas. Today, I want to hear about your favorite type of content to read and to write. I know for me the articles I love to read are different from the articles I like to write.

My Favorite Type of Content to Read

I don’t know if it’s the social worker in me or not, but I love a good case study. Case study articles provide the world with an in-depth look into a product or service and allow the world to see them in a whole new way.

While I love to read case studies, I’ve only written a few. The problem I have is that it can be hard to cast a wide enough net to really get good information.

My Favorite Type of Blog Content to Write

I do my best writing when I can really mesh my own personalities and quirks into good information for my readers. I think that is why lately, I have really been loving evergreen or cornerstone content.

Evergreen or cornerstone content is content that is always relevant. These types of article could last 10 years on your blog, need some updating every once in awhile, but that is it.

I love using this format because I know that only really great information will get through on these types articles. Then I can add some personality and really have fun writing.

Take Away

With warm temperatures and endless days at the pool, you may notice that your desire to sit down a write blog articles is even lower on the priority list.

So, let’s shake things up and discuss our favorite types of content to read and write. Sometimes it just takes a little brainstorming to get the juices going. Let me know your favorites in the comment section below.

Christine King is a staff writer at R & R Web Design LLC. She is passionate about writing and loves what blogging and businesses can achieve. Armed with her degree in social work, she brings the unique ability to motivate readers in every blog article she writes. She specializes in creating content and writing blog articles for a variety of businesses at R & R Web Design LLC.

4 comments on “Absolute Favorite Types of Blog Content to Read and Write
  1. Laurie Hurley says:

    Without a doubt, I like personal stories that weave a message into them. I am with you about case studies, if they are relevant to my target market. I enjoy mixing humor into my posts, because that is me – I enjoy laughing, even when the workload is large and I have deadlines to meet. Nice video, too and that is something I definitely need to do more of!

    • Hi Laurie,

      I agree, personal stories are really fun to read, especially when they are tied in well with the message. Having a good sense of humor and being able to transfer that into your articles is really amazing and not easy, so I tip my hat to you. 😉 Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you like the video.

  2. I noticed people aren’t reading or commenting on blogs lately or on FB so it must be the weather. Darn as Im just getting into a new genre in my blog topics. Aiming at more content about fashion and jewelry , colors, what to wear with… how to pair… and this requires more research than my former blogs. Don’t want to do them if no one really cares.
    I really like reading personal blogs over the summer. Insights into peoples lives, things that make me laugh.

    • Hey Roslyn,

      I like reading personal blogs over the summer as well. What made you decide to get into a new genre? I know I’m really interested in what jewelry to pair with different outfits especially with the summer months here. I was actually just wondering about that this weekend while shopping. Thanks for sharing!