6 Evergreen Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

7 Evergreen Articles You Don't Want To Miss

Need help crafting amazing sentences?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the mountains of advice on how to act in the social media world?

As we plunge head first into the holiday season this week, I wanted to share some of my favorite evergreen articles. These articles are full of fabulous information that will make your blogging life a little easier.

Each article is bookmark worthy.

What is an Evergreen Article?

Not sure what an evergreen article is? Another, less holiday name for this kind of article is cornerstone. Evergreen or cornerstone articles are the kind of articles that are somehow always relevant. These articles will only require a few touch ups here and there. Besides that, they remain fresh and current.

These kinds of articles can be hard to write. That’s why having great examples can really help. The following articles are great examples.

6 Evergreen Articles Worth Reading

  1. 35 Blogging Tips to Woo Readers and Win Business
    By Henneke for Copyblogger

    This article is great for helpful tips to keep going with your blog even when you feel like quitting. The article gives tips on streamlining your content, wooing readers with your content, creating a must-read blog, keeping your readers hooked week after week, and lastly spreading out your ideas. This evergreen article is a must read.

  2. 20 Best Calls to Action
    By Brooke Ballard, B Squared Online Media
  3. 20 More Of The Best Calls To Action
    By Brooke Ballard, B Squared Online Media

    The value of a good call to action is underestimated. In these two articles, the talented, Brooke Ballard, provides golden nuggets to help you write calls to action with ease.

  4. 5 Tips for Great Content Curation
    By Steven Rosenbaum for Mashable

    In this article, Steven Rosenbaum shares some great tips for curating content for Mashable that you will find extremely helpful.

  5. Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well
    By Brian Clark, Copyblogger

    This is a favorite article of mine. Here’s a taste, “Write short sentences”.

  6. 5 Ways to Write Damn Good Sentences
    By Demian Farnworth for Copyblogger

    Writing great articles means writing great sentences. While all of us know how to write sentences, it’s important to know how to write great sentences. Great sentences are the kind of sentences that draw your readers in and keep them reading.

Take Away

Evergreen articles add multitudes of value to your blog. I cannot even count the number of times I’ve personally shared Brooke Ballard’s calls to action article. I share it because it is a quality article and remains powerfully relevant.

If you are setting goals for next year, make sure to add crafting evergreen articles to that list.

Not sure how to get started with goal setting for next year? Check out 6 Tops to Setting Goals You Can Actually Accomplish.

Christine King is a staff writer at R & R Web Design LLC. She is passionate about writing and loves what blogging and businesses can achieve. Armed with her degree in social work, she brings the unique ability to motivate readers in every blog article she writes. She specializes in creating content and writing blog articles for a variety of businesses at R & R Web Design LLC.

4 comments on “6 Evergreen Articles You Don’t Want To Miss
  1. Hey! Thanks for including two of our articles! These are definitely great examples of evergreen content. I can tell you for ours, anyway, that they are two of our posts that get the most traffic (even today — months and months after they were written!).

  2. Veronica Athanasiou says:

    Thank you SO much for including my article. This is something that I wrote some time ago but it’s the bottom line in many of my more recent articles. Certainly an evergreen topic.

    Great topic for the end of year, certainly a great reading list. Will be scheduling them for the days ‘off’.

    Happy Holidays Christine and the BEST for 2015.

    • Hi Veronica,

      I am a huge fan of you, of course 😉 and that particular message you provide in the article. I’ve shared the article before and I couldn’t help myself in sharing it again. I especially love to use it as an example of evergreen content because it was written a while ago and it is still very relevant.

      Thank you for writing such great content! 🙂 Happy New Year to you!