The Ugly Truth About Blogging

The Ugly Truth About Blogging

Have you considered starting a blog for your company?

Are you wondering what you are getting yourself into by starting a blog?

There is no denying it. There are some ugly truths about blogging from zapping your time to the added pressure to produce unique content all the time. These ugly truths are often why small businesses give up and let their blogs set idle.

Here are 4 ugly truths about blogging:

  1. Blogging Takes Time

    One of the ugliest truths about blogging is that writing good content takes time. I know we all love those articles about producing an article in 30 minutes. Truth be told, I rarely spend just 30 minutes writing as it usually takes much longer. Once I have finished the researching and writing, I have my husband proofread my piece as he is amazing with grammar. After that, I reread the article and then I send it off to my editor.

    Robin then proof reads it, fact checks it, formats it, publishes it, and promotes it. The whole process probably takes at least 2 hours. When you add more words like our 600+-word articles, the process is even longer.

  2. Typos Can Kill an Article

    Not everyone loves grammar. Not everyone is a William Faulkner or a George R. R. Martin and yes, I really did just put those two writers together in one sentence. However, a big part of blogging is about wooing, yes wooing your customers.

    Your blog is more than often your reader’s first impression of you. Typos can absolutely kill your article and your reader’s trust in you.

    Making sure that typos don’t exist in your article can take time and patience. For the small business owner that didn’t go to school to be a grammar expert, this can be especially frustrating.

  3. The Pressure to Produce Daily Content

    Once you step into the blogging world, a certain amount of pressure starts to weigh on you. Everyone is writing about how articles should be longer, with details, and more research.

    The pressure mounts for you to be posting daily, commenting on everyone else’s blog, and don’t forget the social media promotion.

    You start to feel like no matter how much time you give to this blogging thing, you’re not doing enough.

  4. The Last Ugly Truth – Blogging is Worth It

    The last ugly truth that we are going to touch on is simply that blogging is worth it. I had a family member once ask me, “Why would I spend time or money on blogging for my business”? Below you’ll find some compelling reasons.

    In an article published by Social Media Today, we learned that,

    • “Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads”,
    • “77% of internet users read blogs”,
    • “61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post”,
    • “70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads”.

    My final reason on why blogging is worth it is from my own personal experience. While I cannot publish the name or specific number, I can tell you that one of our clients made tens of thousands of dollars based entirely off of 1 article in the second year of consistent blogging.

Tips on Tackling the Ugly Truths

It is easy to see that blogging is worth it. It is also easy to see that blogging can be frustrating for small business owners. Here are some tips for tackling the ugly truths.

  • Commit to blogging for a least a year. It may take a year for you to generate sales but you will.
  • Have someone else proof read every article.
  • Give yourself 48 hours after writing a piece before you publish it.
  • According to Copyblogger, more and more bloggers are choosing to publish less with more content. Some are only publishing once a month. When they do publish the articles, they are jammed with great content, are typo free, and are totally worth the time to read. If publishing once a day or even once a week is too much, then don’t. Publish once a month and make that article breathtaking.
  • Use an editorial calendar to help manage the time it takes to produce a blog article.
  • Hire a ghost writer who specializes in creating content that you love.


There may be some ugly truths about blogging. I am confident that even while sometimes ugly, blogging can really add value to your business. I know this because I have seen a client make thousands on an article that cost pennies in comparison.

Even as we have entered into our third year of blogging with this client, the total cost he has paid doesn’t come close to how much he has made.

What Do You Think?

Have you seen some ugly truths about blogging not mention above? How long does it take you to publish an article from start to finish? Lastly, have you seen the benefits of blogging? Please let us know what your answers and what you think in the comment section below.

Christine King is a staff writer at R & R Web Design LLC. She is passionate about writing and loves what blogging and businesses can achieve. Armed with her degree in social work, she brings the unique ability to motivate readers in every blog article she writes. She specializes in creating content and writing blog articles for a variety of businesses at R & R Web Design LLC.

6 comments on “The Ugly Truth About Blogging
  1. Caroline J says:

    Christine – I sometimes wonder about all the huge amount of information out there in the ether. 6 fantastic ways to do this, 21 things you can’t afford to miss and so on.

    You hit the nail on the head when you suggested a blogging timetable that you can cope with, whether it be weekly or monthly. I’ve personally never been able to do daily.

    • Hi Caroline,

      Daily blogging is really tough. It always impresses me when people can do it.

      The only way I’ve been able to write for multiple blogs is by having a timetable. It’s taken a while to iron out but now that I have it works really well.

      Thank you so much for your comment! I always love hearing your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Another BRILLIANT blog written by my favorite author…Christine King! I agree with everything you’ve said and my favorite line out of the blog – Hire a ghostwriter who specializes in creating content that you love. Well said!

    • Heidi,
      Once again you have made my day! Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and kind words. I’m so glad you loved the article. 🙂

  3. Emmanuel says:

    If there is one point which obviously ought to be drummed into the ears of many bloggers, it had to be point one.

    Blogging of course takes time and it isn’t for those who don’t have the patience to wait.

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I think you’re right, blogging would be a very frustrating endeavor if you aren’t looking long term or big picture.