Top 10 Social Network Sites – November 2012

Spotlight on Social NetworksI will admit it. I love numbers and statistics. I am one of those people who enjoy balancing checkbooks and studying stats. I will actually spend the extra time to balance my checkbook down to the penny. Statistics fascinate me and being detailed orientated appears to come with the territory.

My love for statistics and numbers has permeated into my profession as a web designer. When designing a new website or assisting a client who would like to integrate social media into their marketing plan, I am often asked what the top social media networking sites are and where they should invest their time.

Companies that specialize in the collection of social media data like Experian Hitwise US, offer a gold mine of information. By studying the stats, we are able to determine where to concentrate marketing efforts. Below is a pie chart of the top 10 for week ending November 10, 2012 based on Experian Hitwise US’s data:

Spotlight on Social Networks

The top social media networks percentage of visits have changed slightly over the last eight months since our last report, Top 10 Social Network Sites – March 2012.  Facebook still dominates in the number one position with 59.38%  share of share and Google+ is now in the top 5.

New to the top list are MeetMe and Instagram while Yelp fell from the top 10 according to Experian Hitwise US.

The total number of visits to each of the social networks is also a key indicator:

Websites Total Visits
Facebook 2,035,476,482
YouTube 823,222,966
Twitter 68,423,156
Pinterest 35,153,811
Google+ 29,731,772
Yahoo! Answers 27,487,570
Tagged 27,321,843
Linkedin 24,741,369
MeetMe 14,170,087
Instagram 13,272,721

Take Away

By studying the social media network statistics, we are able educated decisions on where to concentrate our social marketing efforts.  While it is important to know your audience and where they are spending their time online, the data will help in the overall picture.


If you had to choose two or three social media networks to concentrate your marketing efforts on based on these statistics, which ones would you choose?  Would other factors influence your choices?

Fascinated with the growing potential and power of the Internet, Robin founded R & R Web Design LLC in the Chicago area in 2000. As creative director, she is passionate about helping others reach their Internet objectives through a strategic online presence with results driven custom web design, ethical SEO, and social media marketing.

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8 comments on “Top 10 Social Network Sites – November 2012
  1. Brooke Ballard says:

    While I’m not surprised to see Facebook holding on to the #1 spot, I’m still shocked at how low LinkedIn usage is! I’m giving a training on LinkedIn next week – I may need to use this (giving you guys credit of course). Thanks!!

    • Brooke, I was surprised too, at how low of a percentage that LinkeIn garnered. Hitwise’s stats are based on anonymous data collected from ISPs that includes activity from about 25 million people worldwide which includes 10 million in the US. Although this is one snapshot, it may be a good indicator of social media use.

      I’m glad to hear that the information might be of some help for your upcoming LinkedIn training!

  2. Mallie Hart says:

    The all seem really low in comparison to YouTube & Facebook. I would like to know more about the demographics of the polled group, because it seems a bit skewed to me.

    • Mallie, great point.

      According to Experian Hitwise’s website, Hitwise “collects aggregate usage data from a geographically diverse range of ISP networks and opt-in panels, representing all types of Internet usage, including home, work, educational and public access.”

      The data is based on a sample size of 25 million people worldwide, including 10 million in the US. To learn more, please see: Hitwise Methodology

  3. Shannon Baker says:

    I’m really surprised at how low some of the numbers are as well, especially Twitter and LinkedIn! The Facebook numbers doesn’t surprise me and some of the new platforms will have a surge in 2013 (Pinterest & Instagram especially).

  4. Judy Bowker says:

    These stats do not surprise me! Tagged and Meetme are new to me so they were a bit surprising to be above LinkedIn and Instagram. I would have to agree, LinkedIn’s position so low on the charts is surprising to me, but I guess it hasn’t made its debut appearance yet. I think more people need to utilize LinkedIn and what it has to offer, not only for businesses but for personal usage! When choosing social sites for your company you really have to dig deep and find out where your audience is spending most of their time! Thanks for the great post!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Judy! I was surprised that MeetMe made the top 10 and that Yelp fell from from it. I am also surprised that LinkedIn has such a low percentage in this study. I agree that we “really have to dig deep and find out where your audience is spending most of their time”. Thanks again, Judy, for stopping by!